Uncle Sam and Auntie Semitic

One of the most misunderstood words in the English language – mostly due to ignorance and a paucity of education on the part of those who tend to use the term – is ‘antisemitism’ or ‘antisemitic’ (frequently misspelled by the same ignoramuses as ‘antisemetic’).

Let’s try to dispel some of that misunderstanding, with an image – thus saving 1000 words.

The people in this image are Semites and, by definition, are not antisemitic (which would make them self-haters).

We can further clarify this conundrum with another image.

There we have an image of some people who are not Semites but who, in a strange kind of irony, given who they are and where they live, have proven to be representative of the people of certain nations that are some of the most antisemitic in the whole world.

It’s simple really. Why all the confusion?

Sorry, what was that? The Jews? Oh, yes… well… that’s another story altogether. The Israelites, you say? Well, as far as I remember, they were just some delinquent, unruly tribes who couldn’t get along with anybody – including their supposed diety – and who were displaced to what was one of the first foreign refugee camps in another land for a while and then were given a second chance to rehabilitate – which they failed – and for which they were scattered to the four winds almost two millennia ago and, apart from one of those tribes – the ones you refer to as the Jews (which as I said, is quite a different story) – have disappeared from the records of history and haven’t been heard of since. No-one seems to know what happened to them. Why do you bring that up, may I ask? It doesn’t seem to be relevant.

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