Is The Disintegration of Western Society Going Fast Enough for You?

Have the events taking place so far in this pivotal year of 2020 left you so shell-shocked, numb and confused that you can’t even think back to how things were at the end of 2019, before COVID-19 placed a few more nails in the coffin lid of WESTSOC?  

I just made up that WESTSOC acronym (at least haven’t seen it used anywhere before) – thought my American friends might like it.  Maybe it could be the basis of the US military’s latest home based command group – WESTSOCCOM – soon to form I’m sure for the ‘Custer’s’ last stand protection of what’s left of home town America in the forlorn hope for ‘democracy’ to hold together long enough for an election to be held before the end of the year… Bringing the war back home. Is that just a dream?.

A huge question mark – as pointed out by Jim Kunstler in his latest Clusterfuck Nation blog post ‘Storm Warning’ (definitely has a way with words, Jim does) – hovers over the heads of Americans in the form of the end of the COVID induced and job-disappearance abetted Trumpian debt-repayment-postponement magic trick, due to take effect in a few short weeks. Sure to be followed by a new and improved Mayhem, a boiling over product of the people’s frustration and bewilderment at finding themselves in even more dire straits than they currently face.

I did promise some time ago that 2020 had much more up its sleeve than so far revealed.  And don’t think that COVID-19 has finished with us just yet.  What more trouble is still in the pipeline?  Northern Summer is not a time when nature sleeps.

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