The World’s Biggest Landmass Begins to Work Together in Some Form of Unity. Good to See.

Eurasia takes shape: How the SCO just flipped the world order‘ – The Cradle – This is an exciting new article by Pepe Escobar

The Cradle is a new journalist driven publication, introduced less than 2 months ago (August 2021) the name of which echoes of ‘the cradle of civilisation’ – which you would know of course lies in what was once known as the ‘Fertile Crescent’ or, in the Western mindset and quite incorrectly as the ‘Middle East’, but currently becoming more widely referred to, more correctly, as ‘West Asia’. That is also good to see, and an endeavour which I plan to visit regularly.

Back to the article…

Having now more or less disinfestated and disinfected itself from the destructive vermin influence of Western Democracy – the remnant military rats of which have disappeared into holes no-one quite knows where yet – Eurasia (another quite recently named region of the world), covering most of the largest contiguous land mass on the planet and also a wide variety of religious, political and cultural interests is uniting in an ongoing strategy of mutual cooperation and peaceful intent. I have to say, that warms my heart considerably, and I wish all success on that endeavour.

The West, meanwhile, is slowly dying, although the pace of that process appears to be recently gathering speed. Unfortunate for them. Unfortunate for me, being a Westerner, but that is the price to pay for past errors of judgement, and a failure to recognise the inequity and iniquity of their less than noble practices. The West has ceased to figure, or to hold any effective place in my global view now. The world must move on and leave them to their miserable fate, or utterly destroy them in recompence for their past wrongs. But that would simply be stooping to their level of thought and activity, and the world can do, and be, better than that.

You realise that I am talking, of course, at a higher level of philosophical thought than might play out in practice in the physical world. But in order to understand and actually live and interract in that world we have to have in place come philosophical goal or at least some overarching view of what is going on and where we would like to place our future in terms of desire and effort. Looking at the world as it is, offers no scope for that and would simply lead us around in circles. Perhaps ever decreasing circles – which seems to be the way we are headed.

So, I am pleased to see, happening right before our eyes, some attempt to build the structural components that will enable us (humanity, that is) to work towards some definable and more noble and cooperative future than we have so far been able to devise through an era of special and narrow interest unilateral global domination. And if that turns out to be without any input or participation from what is currently known as ‘western interests’, isolated in their own little festering enclaves, well… so be it.

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