Wanted: Incompetency Guide Dog (Must Look Presidential)

‘1st Quad summit tacitly targets China but US ‘can’t coordinate members’ differences, doomed to fail’‘ – Global Times

The first summit meeting of the ‘Quad’.  But… wait a minute… ‘quad’ signifies ‘four’, doesn’t it?  There are five ‘heads’ seated in that (kind of) broken circle.  What gives?

Oh, yes, it’s clear now.  There are three semi-competents (varying degrees of competency), one fully incompetent, and one guide dog (a stand-in for the fully incompetent who, among other things, couldn’t make his – perhaps deliberately malfunctioning – translator machine, work).  He-he-hee.  Obviously presented for our entertainment. But how embarrassing?

This is a group which I described last week, on the formation of the Three Amigos triad (of which only two are present here), as having ‘sailed off somewhere into the sunset’.  So this four-sided venture is a cruise-ship that has no future.  Half the crew – the Asian half – must be feeling like they are merely making up the numbers and are likely to jump ship soon for some more promising (and more appropriate for their needs) horizons.

Not much is going right for the anglos just now, is it?  But not surprising when you consider that Chief Anglo is “Incapable of Coordinating” anything really – even his own backyard.

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