Hear, Hear!!

I joyfully acclaim the recent article by Australian-based former Barrister at Law, James O’Neill for New Eastern Outlook. My acclamation for the article is joyful. My acclamation for the content is also joyful. What is not in the least bit joyful are the circumstances under which such an article needed to be written.

Australia is becoming a washed up, washed out, dispassionate and brain-washed nation of mindless, joyless, drones (of the bee variety), who are unable to form any kind of independent world-view without the aid of the same auto-suggestion techniques and calming influence as pertains to hotel elevator-music. And this bunch of brain-deads is soon required (by law) to participate in a general election to determine who will lead them next between two factions which are politically indiscernible from each other and both of which are as clueless as to the actual global situation as those who are compelled to vote for them.

I don’t care to contemplate where that may lead.

‘Oh For an Independent Australian Foreign Policy’ – James O’Neill for New Eastern Outlook

Such poor decision making, if ‘decision making’ actually describes it, also applies to Australia’s one-time British sister colony of New Zealand. Both these nations, so remotely located that they don’t really belong anywhere – which is why they are generally known as part of the fictitious ‘Oceania’, in which their ‘fit’ is even more obscure. While operating as advanced economies, they wield no discernible power of influence or relationship on or to any other part of the world. And so, deprived of real relationships, it should have been of no surprise that they would fall under the false allure and razzle-dazzle of the painted hustler – the United States – whose alleged ‘no greater friends’ are merely (shush, they don’t know) ‘vassals’. But where are these isolated nations going to ‘fit’ when the razzle-dazzle and paint finally fall off from the hustler – an event said to be and perceivably recognisable as being not very far from now? I doubt such thoughts will concern many Aussies and Kiwis, most of whom will still be riding the elevators – until the music stops.

Another very good NEO article described that also very well…

‘Australia and New Zealand Follow a Common Course’ – Dmitry Bokarev for New Eastern Outlook

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