‘Invincibles!’ – Nana Khatl

“Russia’s fight is the fight of all peoples who value freedom and resist tyranny.” – a quote from a post on my blog from March 7, and I still believe the Russian operation is fully justified and is in fact the only way now possible to ensure continuation of the finer values of humanity in a world where the inhumanity of western arrogance and greed has held sway for far too long.

This song, sung by Nana Khatl, is a salute to the values of freedom and all that is good and heroic in the world (as embodied in Russia’s just cause).

Russia will prevail, the west will fall apart, and the world will know love and peace again – sometime, perhaps soon.  Not taking into account all other external factors beyond the scope of mankind to avoid – and there are some.  We must never forget that.

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