Morrison Turns Australia Into A Joke

“Morrison’s bluff to side with allies to sanction China can only be viewed as a joke. China and Australia are not at the same level in terms of economic volume. Australia needs China’s market much more than China needs Australia, and Australia’s exports to China are either replaceable or can almost be ignored.”

Chen Hong, president of the Chinese Association of Australian Studies and professor and director of the Australian Studies Center at East China Normal University – see linked GT article

‘Morrison clamors for China sanctions, but ignores abomination of Australia’ – Global Times

It is difficult to find any kind of logic in Australian government decisions of late – it is as though they have gone stark raving loony – which would not in any way be a surprise.

Who do they think Australia is? What sort of position does Australia think it holds in the world? We are a bit player, a 10c slot machine devotee, compared to China. China would not even notice if Australia suddenly vanished from the economic scene entirely – something which may well be on the cards. Isolated by water as it is and without a navy to speak of – good only for the harrying of fishing boats and increasingly unfavoured humanitarian aid. Who is Australia trying to hurt? Only themselves it seems.

When globalism comes to a grinding halt as a result of failing western economies, when the USD sinks, Australia sinks with it. Who then, is going to bother to send cargo-ships to Australia without guarantees of payment – even if ocean-going transport is still a viable thing.

It would behoove a wise Australia, if such a thing can be conjured up in a short time-space, to dump its USD allegiance and turn towards making amends with the growing Asian nations – who now (or in the next few weeks) have an alternative international banking system that is sure to outlast the USD based economy.

Think on that Australia. You have an upcoming opportunity to ditch the rank jokers – not that you have much of an alternative to look to …and even if they make a complete botch of it, nobody will notice, as the whole western world will be patching botches of their own around the same time.

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