If Australia Stands With the US, then Australia Will Die With the US

The world is changing. Any nation that wants to obtain or retain ‘place’ (that is, a ‘recognised position’) in that changed world, must change with it. You could also say that any individual who wishes to remain or derive a satisfied and meaningful existence in that world is likely to also need to change both attitude and outlook to match the new reality, if, that is, they already have such perceptions as reach out beyond the narrow confines of small, local, necessities of living. But it is through the lens of nationhood and our human and social attachments to that concept which brings us into potential rivalry, contention and friction with our fellow man and his/her often different assigns and affiliations within the current world settings that will be most challenged to live within an altered world of peace, harmony and cooperation.

Those changes reflect badly on the status of the United States and its western allies who are increasingly becoming isolated (self-isolated, it should be clarified) from the rest of the world as that world reorganises itself to differing circumstances, principles and codes of ethics than have thus far been on display in the western dominated world.

To be honest, I don’t much care what happens to the western nations, who have for so long ridden roughshod over the needs, desires, and opportunities for advancement of less technological and economically advanced nations. Particularly, but not exclusively, to those of the Global South. If it transpires that the western nations need to go through some very rough times, as new conditions emerge, then that would represent some form of natural justice. If it doesn’t, then they can consider themselves extremely lucky. Although I don’t think ‘luck’ will stretch to that extent in the minor part it has to play in these now unfolding enactments.

But I do care about what happens to my own, self-chosen nation, Australia. A geographically isolated and for many years isolationist country, born from past imperialism, now, to some extent freed from that past through the advanced inroads of multiculturalism – which is (thankfully) reshaping the nation with a new self-image. But a nation which is freshly imposing on itself a new genre of imperialist ties (and consequent imperatives and obligations) as an underdog to the US. This did not have to be, and still does not have to be, a ‘set in stone’ future for Australia.

It is not an absolute that Australia must share the fate of the rest of the western world. That also holds for New Zealand, I suppose. Unfortunately, Canada is too far entwined (and co-located) with the US to untangle itself from that fate, it would seem. And Europe + UK is already in a state of advanced disintegration, necessitating change in any case, as a road to survival.

But… ‘If Australia Stands With the US’ as my title suggests, then ‘Australia Will Die With the US’. No doubt about that. Unless a forced rescue is made, by a party that can still see some value in saving (or integrating) that nation (or either of those nations).

Thankfully, there are candidates rising to the challenge of becoming such future ‘rescuers’, if they so choose. The world will never be a ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ one if certain sections of it are allowed to flounder in mire of their own making under previously unwise logic or belief systems. A world which offers a helping hand to the fallen, rather than the heavy boot of oppression and exploitation, will at least be a vast improvement on the one we have today.

Just one thing more to be said on this. The main impediment to Australia being counted as an Asian nation would appear to be the clinging ties to Western imperialism. Those ties need to be cut if Australia is to prosper or even exist as a nation in a changing world.

I originally extended these thoughts by diverging from the geopolitical to the scientifically related issues of human history and origins which, since they seem to have taken on both related and alternative areas of subject matter, I have decided (determined not to allow the opportunity to slip by) to place all that in a separate post to follow this one.

Please continue this extended discussion on the pre-history of Australia, and indeed of all of us, in ‘On Denisovans and Other Origins Related to Us All’ – Note: That title may change and will be updated here with a link, after completion and publication.

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