A Lesson In National Leadership

“Putin can opt not to sign constitutional amendments if citizens don’t back them” – TASS

Do you want to see an example of democracy in action?  Get up to speed with what is going on in Russia just now.

There is no greater democratic statesman anywhere in the world than Vladimir Putin.  A man who takes the people with him in new and exciting directions.  Directions that will ensure the sovereignty of Russia for ever – or as long as there is a civilisation of mankind that can support nation states.

No Western leader would take such risks – or have the courage and mental acuity to even dream of such things. Although I don’t think he is a gambler. He must be pretty sure that the Russian people will back him up. But that is also something that Western style democracies do not possess – a united people. Western democracies generally survive on not more than one third of the people’s preferences – which is democracy in name only.

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