Corrupt Cats that Crept into Crypt and Crapped, soon to be Cropped

“Tales From the Crypt” – Kunstler

Well it’s all working out nicely, but oh so slowly, slowly.  In fact grinding along at snail’s pace.  But inch by inch (there are a few situations where the old imperial measurement system is still valid), word by word, the impeachment grinds on to its almost inevitable conclusion.  An unfortunate event made necessary by the Democratic Party Grand Circus, which must now be concluded before the real meaty stuff that will undoubtedly reduce that party to a squirming mass of putrescence and bring on the collapse of the American political system and lead to the beginning of what Kunstler names ‘Civil War Two’.  

The world is waiting, expectantly, for such an event.  

There is a reason why Republicans don’t want witnesses to be heard just now.  The appropriate place for their stories and other revelations to be heard is not in this one act comedic political farce, but in a proper court of law and jurisprudence.  They will, this bunch of shadowy seditionists, convict themselves and be revealed as the evil traitors that they are. 

And Tulsi Gabbard, if she really wants to be President – not of the USA, Donald J Trump will be the very last President of that already almost defunct nation – will need to represent some other political organisation vying for a part of what used to be the US – perhaps the West Coast region under some other name, a few of which have been proposed, in real life and in works of fiction, such as the Republic of Cascadia.   See, for example: ‘Cascadia Now!’ *

Now, wouldn’t that be nice?  Especially for my own country of Australia (and many others) who have suffered for many years under the hegemony of that accursed and overrated nation as a result of weak national governments.

*This is in no way a sponsorship of that organisation – I am just using it as an example.

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