Supporting Something Useful

Every year I donate $20 to the Wikimedia Organisation, the home of Wikipedia, which I use extensively as a primary reference tool, not expecting anything back other than the service they provide.  I don’t support many things financially (never give to charity) but something useful, like Wikipedia, is Okay by me – if only to hopefully keep it ad-free.

This year, as a thankyou, they sent me this link to some beautiful nature photography, and since it is freely available on the web I thought I would share it. 

“Imagination becomes reality in the winners of the 2019 Wiki Loves Earth photo contest”

Panorama of the winter dawn on Ai-Petri

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    1. Yes, thanks Bev …and not all factual knowledge either, but suspect or unreferenced ‘facts’ are often accompanied by warnings or request for clarification. Still, it is a good place to start research or for a simple look-up, along with an exercise of personal judgement. But that is also mandatory wherever online information gathering is done.

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