Just A Matter Of Time

“How long until drought-stricken towns run out of water?” – Australia ABC News

We are living in the end-times of modern human civilisation.  I have said this many times before of course, always with complete conviction, yet also always mixed with a little faith in the inevitability of that.  Today, in 2020, not so much faith is required, as increasingly the various signs and pointers begin to more strongly impress on the social consciousness that things really are moving in that direction. 

Soon, perhaps before year’s end or shortly thereafter, we will be able to discard faith entirely, and an unsettled assurance will begin to dominate human thinking accompanied by either blind panic or a resigned acceptance and a beginning of addressing the need to dramatically alter our way of life and our means of subsistence.  We may even be forced by circumstance to actually do those things.   

Fires, storms, floods, drought, heat, cold, conflict, internal and external geopolitical and financial pressures, food and water shortages, even (already raising its ugly head right now) potential deadly disease, all form a not exhaustive list of troubling factors that alarmingly begin to impinge on day-to-day living. And even though real and contradictory events may lull some of us into retaining a belief that, well, this may all just be temporary and foster a “she’ll be right” attitude, over time – and the time for that is fast running out – even the hardiest skeptic will need to readjust their thinking to more reflect a reality that has teeth, and bites.

I could wrap those comments around any number of shared articles covering many of the subjects mentioned, but today I chose this particular story from the ABC News.  You cannot retain community without a water supply, for long.  This is true all over the world, and the opposite – too much water (floods and storm surge) – is also true, and universally applicable. 

Many times have I mentioned that Australia is in the unfortunate position of needing to increasingly abandon large tracts of its interior for the first of those impacts and perhaps not so much just yet (but the time is coming), its vulnerable coastal regions (Australia being entirely surrounded by ocean and sea) for the second.  That has not yet sunk to any depth into the Australian psyche – which is the birthplace of the “she’ll be right” mindset.  It will sink in, soon.  Perhaps this year, as we begin to move through it, it all being just a matter of the progression of time.

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