The Dutch Incredibility Factor

"Dutch foreign minister’s speculations over plane crash in Iran impermissible — Zakharova" - TASS "It goes without saying that I entirely agree with what the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says about the Dutch foreign minister's ridiculous statements.  The Dutch government has lost all credibility over its obstinate handling of the MH17 affair to reach pre-conceived... Continue Reading →

Ten Lessons To Lead A Nation

"Analysts name Putin’s ten lessons for Russia’s future political leaders" - TASS There is not a doubt in the world that all through the 'Putin Time' Russia has grown and flourished like it would not have done under any other leadership. President Putin has manoeuvred Russia from being, and not entirely of its own doing,... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Decade, New Rules

I have already made the observation that this year is greatly different to the last and will be much more exciting - in the nail-biting, white-knuckle, and moments (perhaps prolonged moments) of sheer terror sense.  And so it seems to be going. Dmitry Orlov has also observed a change in feeling to our days that... Continue Reading →

Shutting Their Filthy Mouths

History, they say, is written by the victors. But what if the victors position is undermined by the 'also rans' and even the 'victims' and the 'losers', simply because it is the truth? There are those who would not recognise the truth if they accidentally bumped into it, because they live their lives in a... Continue Reading →

Restoring Lost Aplomb?

I saw the following video last Saturday (from a different source) and also another one that claimed the US had blocked a Russian column. I was eager to report the stories but decided to await clarification. I'm glad I waited. "The ultimate symbolic video? (MUST SEE)" - The Saker As much as I respect The... Continue Reading →

After The Party…

"Go Home Greta" - The Automatic Earth Edvard Munch Ashes 1894  It seems to be a truism, and probably is, that 'mankind is its own worst enemy'. If that is so, then the modern 'climate movement' comes a close second. I agree almost totally with what Raúl Ilargi Meijer of The Automatic Earth says in his 'Go Home... Continue Reading →

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