On Imposed Constraints…

The United States is no longer in a position to use lies to promote its own dictatorial standards - what they stupidly and incorrectly term as 'UN standards' - on the rest of the world. The Free World has a strong advocate in the Russian Federation, backed by China, to stand against the mythical standards... Continue Reading →

Smoothing The Way…

Oiling the wheels for a smooth transition, and not a spanner in sight as far as I can see.  Very civilised.  Compare to Western government changeovers. "Medvedev calls time factor one of reasons behind his cabinet’s resignation" No further comment at this stage.  Just a little respectful amazement and admiration, augmented with a slice of... Continue Reading →

…and Disregard The West

I have shared a couple of similar views as to what is going on in Russia in the past few days but it doesn't hurt, and in fact in this case it is positively helpful, to consider another one. The Saker, as usual, has useful advice and opinion to offer. "Could this (finally!) be the... Continue Reading →

Future-Proofed Russia

I tried yesterday to explain what is going on in Russia, totally ignoring any bemused and distorted Western take on the matter, and I think I extracted some of the real flavour of the situation but I could, with my limited knowledge, never strain out to the last drop of juice what it really meant. ... Continue Reading →

Poverty In The USA

This is democracy in action ...well, Western democracy, that is. In America, a country that has never been so great - according to its billionaire leader - more than 40 million people live in abject poverty. Many of them are supporters of their billionaire leader. I have seen videos on this subject before, but none... Continue Reading →

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