On Imposed Constraints…

The United States is no longer in a position to use lies to promote its own dictatorial standards – what they stupidly and incorrectly term as ‘UN standards’ – on the rest of the world.

The Free World has a strong advocate in the Russian Federation, backed by China, to stand against the mythical standards that the US would seek to impose on others. Such impositions will no longer be tolerated.

“Russia slams US allegations about UN nonproliferation standards as mythmaking” – TASS

Iran, as a member of the Free World (the Free World being all those nations not dominated by Western imperialist standards) has every right under UN rulings to peacefully develop nuclear power if it so chooses. Nobody gave the US any power to determine that nations like Iran can’t do that.  Nor does the US have the power, or the capability, within itself to do that.

Now, while I am not an advocate for the use of nuclear energy, in fact I believe it is madness to go down that path – especially since the fragility of human existence as a result of our current and past conventional energy use has been revealed to be detrimental to that existence – but I do stand wholeheartedly behind the principle that sovereign peoples may make their own choices on that, without fear of intimidation or persecution by others. Especially others who do not consider it necessary for themselves to be bound by those same rules.

How can the world be free of such impositions?

Well, I am waiting and hoping for one or more of three things to happen.

1. The US will come to its senses and cease from its domineering practices. (unlikely)
2. The US will sink into internal anarchy and chaos soon. (sooner or later)
3. The world will turn on the US, depriving it of the power to dominate. (possible but unlikely)

There are a number of other things that could occur but these I am not waiting or hoping for, since they would be disastrous for the whole world. Even more disastrous than what things we should expect to face in any event, and over which we have no power of control. 

This of course raises the stakes way beyond the discussion of this particular problem into the realms of philosophy which, according to the late scientist Stephen Hawking, is dead. He was wrong of course, as blind science is just as unseeing as any other kind of blind idealism. There will always, well, as long as there are humans, be questions without answers or which remain for the time being unanswered. Here is one of them:

An intelligent, informable and informed species should be able to come together in agreement to work out a best case scenario for all of these possibilities besieging humanity. But the question has to be asked – are we intelligent, informable and informed enough?

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