Pompeo’s Primary – correct that – Secondary Care In The World

This TASS article gave me quite a few moments of tummy holding mirth just now.  Bolder than brass, a US Secretary of State, with not an ounce of shame, can openly demonstrate that the chief thing on his mind – after fomenting war wherever there may not already be any – is that he and his neocon US buddies care about is – drum roll please… OIL.

“US Secretary of State Pompeo hopes oilfields in Libya to reopen after Berlin conference”

“There are important energy opportunities there in Libya.” – Pompeo said to journalists after the conference.

Didn’t Hitler strike a similar pose once?

Of course we all already know that the US cannot survive, though it ineffectively bleats otherwise, without the black gold – other folk’s black gold, that is.  Never mind the other folk’s needs, or even their lives for that matter.

That caring and sharing (for and among itself) nation of thieves never ceases to amaze.  How long is the world going to stand for that?  I, along with many others, have tried my hardest for years now to equally openly demonstrate that case and I have come to believe that we may be getting somewhere in opening minds to those facts.  But it is taking too long for the world to come to grips with the idea.  It has been clearly shown (just by the case of Syria) that the US is actually weak and ineffective militarily.  What is stopping the world from acting on that basis to stop this monstrous beast from raping and destroying us and our planet?  There has to be an end to it – or we all die, or become slaves of the US Empire of Evil.

On what basis is any of that not clear?

See also: “World powers call for end of foreign meddling in Libya” – ChinaDaily

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