Future-Proofed Russia

I tried yesterday to explain what is going on in Russia, totally ignoring any bemused and distorted Western take on the matter, and I think I extracted some of the real flavour of the situation but I could, with my limited knowledge, never strain out to the last drop of juice what it really meant.  But I have now found something that I believe actually does that, precisely.

Read the article linked below, and marvel at the intelligence and commitment of the Russian president and the wholehearted loyalty and single-mindedness of the Russian political scene.  As a result of this action, this week and in the coming weeks, Russia is ensured of its sovereignty and continuance as a complete and wholesome entity virtually for ever, or at least long past the all too soon upcoming retirement of its current president in 2024.  The West, its gaping jaws slavering at the thought of devouring Russia when that happens, has no chance of making any inroads to a nation rendered invulnerable to such attacks.

An amazing achievement.  An historic achievement.  And one that, as the author says, to conclude his remarks: 

“Sometimes the most important changes occur right under our noses, right out in the open.  Contrast that with the skullduggery and open hostility of the political circus in D.C. and you can (see in) which direction the two countries are headed.”

I am more proud to be able to present this than I have been of almost anything that I have talked about over recent times.  This is gold.

I know nothing of the author – Tom Luongo, but it is what he says here and the ring of truth that it has about it, that counts.

 “Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin”

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