Poverty In The USA

This is democracy in action …well, Western democracy, that is.

In America, a country that has never been so great – according to its billionaire leader – more than 40 million people live in abject poverty. Many of them are supporters of their billionaire leader.

I have seen videos on this subject before, but none quite like this one. Has to be seen to be believed.

It is almost a relief to know that the corrupt systems that produce conditions like this are fast coming to a sticky end. The sooner the better – even if it means far worse conditions for many more folk until sense prevails or life becomes completely unlivable.

Of course this is all a state of mind, due mainly to contrived expectations pounded into people’s psyches by corporate advertising and American poverty is in any case a relative thing when compared to that of many other places in the world, but I am not here to impose my own judgement on these people. It is the inequality of the system in which they live that is the root cause of the issue. A system where the few get obscenely rich, the majority struggle to make ends meet, and the stragglers get left behind to fend for themselves as best they can.

It is not a fair system. Not a humane or compassionate system. In fact it is more a racket than a system, a racket purely designed to produce the very conditions that we see here.

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