Russian Constitutional Supremacy To Negate Western Lecturing

A couple of heady days have gone by now.  Days which have placed the sovereignty of the Russian Federation on much firmer ground in the days to come.

Tired of being lectured by corrupt Western leaders and organisations, Russia has boldly taken steps to place its legal position above and beyond all those things.  Who could deny them that right, or that there is a need to do so? 

On the State of the Nation Address by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on Wednesday, Sergei Mironov, the leader of Russia’s ‘A Just Russia’ party said – 

“The supremacy of national legislation, above all, the Constitution, over international law, is a historic decision.”  

He also added:

“Dancing to the tune of those who lecture us on the right way to live and democracy and at the same time kill a senior official of an independent country, I mean the slain general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran [Qasem Soleimani] for some reason is somehow presented as normal. We need nobody’s lecturing.” 

That is what has been happening in Russia, is happening now, and will be ratified and enshrined constitutionally in days to come, following a plebicite decision of the people.

Now, that is true democracy.  Largely unknown anywhere else.

…and a Russia fully immunised against Western bullshit.

Reported by TASS, here:
“Putin’s idea of Constitution’s priority over international law historic — party leader”

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