Contrary To Popular Opinion…

I have found (‘found’, as in discovered, not ‘founded’, as in established) a new religion for myself.

I am a contrarian, and happy and proud to admit that (whether that pleases or interests ASIO or not, or indeed anyone else).

A contrarian is one who opposes or rejects popular opinion or current practice, most often reflected in a position of not believing a word that governments say, among a variety of other positions such as a standing apart from general societal norms and their contingent frames of reference.

Hmm… yes, that’s pretty much me to a tee.

Ok, so contrarianism is not a religion, thankfully.  It contains or advocates no creed, doctrine, or even rules.  Has no allegiances or dependencies.  Offers no hope of future prospects, rewards or punishments.  All of those things being kind of anti-contrarian in essence.  I like that. It’s use in the realm of the market trading religion is a flagrant misuse of the word – which would be better thought of and described as ‘opportunism’. Market contrarians are not going against the flow, they simply step out of the flow temporarily, before plunging back in.

I saw the light, had my ‘road to Damascus’ moment’, today when I read this review of Brian Toohey’s book mentioned in my previous post:

“BOOK REVIEW: Brian Toohey’s Secret warns against Australia being ‘joined at the hip’ with US”

The last line of which review states:

“This book is the work of a contrarian. It should be read.”

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