Contrary To Popular Opinion…

I have found ('found', as in discovered, not 'founded', as in established) a new religion for myself. I am a contrarian, and happy and proud to admit that (whether that pleases or interests ASIO or not, or indeed anyone else). A contrarian is one who opposes or rejects popular opinion or current practice, most often reflected... Continue Reading →

Momentous Events In Russia

"Russian government resigns" Momentous events are taking place in Russia while I have been sleeping overnight. Yesterday President Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly, which some are calling a State of the Nation address and part of which called for constitutional change. Since I have not had time to come to grips... Continue Reading →

A Little, Delayed, Cross-Atlantic Justice?

"Court in Ukraine orders investigation of Poroshenko, Obama administration members" - TASS Well, well, well.  Has Ukraine finally woken up from its stupor and realised that it has been continually shafted for the past five years by a corrupt, greedy, unethical and self-serving United States government of the previous administration, certain now private US individuals,... Continue Reading →

Myth Of US Military Might Revealed

"You Say You Want A Revolution?" said The Beatles in a song many years ago now. Echoed in this "You Say You Want A (Russian) Revolution?" piece by Pepe Escobar, reviewing the recent Andrei Martyanov book 'The (Real) Revolution In Military Affairs', on The Titanic Lifeboat Academy. A book that gives the lie to Trump's... Continue Reading →

The Triad of Terrorism

ISIS, Israel and the United States - The Three Amigos - The Triad of Terrorism. It is perfectly clear this is the case.  Why can the world not see this? "ISIS and Israel praise Trump’s assassination of Iranian top general Soleimani" - Sarah Abed, The Rabbit Hole blog And then there are Australia, Canada, New... Continue Reading →

Reflections On Parenting

From a time of innocence.  My children. It is a bittersweet thing to look back at lives so young and impressionable that once were responsible for providing for, for encouraging, moulding, shaping, teaching.  Times of regret.  Times of great pride and joy.  Always times of love.  That never diminishes.  And a time of letting go,... Continue Reading →

US Government Murder Policy

"We are hostage to their inadequacy" that "...barren, soulless, biophobic creed...", "...our Capitalist rulers, and their voracious quest for dominion of the world and the acquisition of its wealth that is their only purpose and goal" - says Paul Edwards in this amazingly brilliant piece of script titled - "American Murder" published on 'The Titanic... Continue Reading →

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