US Government Murder Policy

We are hostage to their inadequacy” that “…barren, soulless, biophobic creed…”, “…our Capitalist rulers, and their voracious quest for dominion of the world and the acquisition of its wealth that is their only purpose and goal” – says Paul Edwards in this amazingly brilliant piece of script titled – “American Murder” published on ‘The Titanic Lifeboat Academy’ – which makes anything I can produce seem like childish scribblings in comparison. I heartily recommend that you read it.

see end of linked article for relevance

The quotes I chose above are perhaps what most energised me to share the piece but it is the message themed throughout of the grubby use of sanctioned and habitual “murder most foul” that has permeated the American political psyche for a century now and most recently in the unforgivable wasting of such a cherished and useful life as that of Qasem Soleimani that is perhaps the most revealing aspect of the Edwards’ essay.

And it is of course solely due to the subconscious permission for such foul deeds provided by “a clueless public” convinced and assured by government owned “trained slugs” that “dog shit is ice cream“, which allows such things to go unquestioned and unprotested in that so-called ‘land of the free’.

Why do we allow ourselves to be burdened and tarnished by such things? And what on Earth possesses us to believe the crap that justifies them? Do we truly not know the difference between ice cream and dog shit? Or are we truly “hostage to their inadequacy“?

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