Sourcing Unbiased Truth

It is a sad thing that truth has to be searched for, but false or misleading reports are to be found almost anywhere.

Do you search for the truth?  Or are you content to take on board whatever is readily available or even pushed at you, often these days not freely, in your own relaxed environment? Are you paying for truth or biased opinion?  Or even official propaganda?

The truth is there to be found by any honest seeker, and I use and report some of these sources here. Not all by any means.  There is insufficient time in the day to do that, and I am already struggling to devote the time I would like to spend in presenting such stories.

Here is a fairly new source I came across today, ‘The Oval Circle’, which can be described as a very informing blog site with all the latest news everyday, and describes itself as…

” The objective of this blog is to gather news from various ‘non-mainstream’ media sources, to offset subjective western corporate media views with an alternative perspective on global issues.

…and from what I have seen, that is exactly what it is.

Be informed. It is not easy to trick an informed mind.

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