US Military Designated Terrorists

“Iranian leader approves bill that places Pentagon on list of terrorist organizations”

Well it’s high time that some official body did that and I’m pleased that Iran is the first to recognise the US military hierarchy as terrorists. 

Although, in reality, they are not so much terrorists, since they don’t appear to do much of anything other than in their role as a terrorist support network – sheltering, ferrying, arming, and generally taking care of real terrorists, on someone else’s land.

So, they are terrorists by association mostly.  Except when they act as murderous assassins – usually from the air at a safe distance or even remotely as joystick pilots sitting in some comfortable office bunker.

I suppose that is a suitable job for them, matching their skill set, since they have never managed to achieve a recognisable war victory by standing up and fighting an enemy face to face in a fair fight all by themselves.

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