Predictable Unsavoury Western Reactions

I am right now getting a little tired of the predictable outflow from the unfortunate downing by Iran of the Ukrainian passenger jet last week, but in this particular article by Max Parry, published on the Greanville Post, I find some refreshing views and even some information pertaining to the MH17 incident of which even I, who have written so much about that over the past five years or so, was not previously aware. 

Does “Kolomoisky’s hired guns” or even just the name “Kolomoisky” raise any intriguing thoughts for you?  Then read on in that well written article.

“Iran’s accidental downing of a Ukrainian plane is already being used to smear MH-17 skeptics”

The unsavoury Western reaction to both of these incidents is insufferable to the point where I myself, like the Iranian commander, “wished I were dead” or at least anything other than a Westerner.  But I, like him I suspect, will get over it and continue to live with whatever internal accumulated damage the events of the modern world inflict on a tender soul. 

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