Myth Of US Military Might Revealed

“You Say You Want A Revolution?” said The Beatles in a song many years ago now. Echoed in this “You Say You Want A (Russian) Revolution?” piece by Pepe Escobar, reviewing the recent Andrei Martyanov book ‘The (Real) Revolution In Military Affairs’, on The Titanic Lifeboat Academy.

A book that gives the lie to Trump’s false claims to have the “Greatest military ever in the world” at his beck and call.

I like books that agree with my own views, so I just bought a Kindle copy, to cheer me up in those moments of doubt and to realise that the great looming shadow of Uncle Sam’s ‘warrior’ force is simply that – only a shadow. A damned expensive shadow but capable only of inflicting the projected fear that only shadows can. And that is entirely all that the Trumps of the world have to maintain any sort of hold or imposed power over the smaller and weaker nations of the family of man. When the light which this book along with many other illuminated sources is shone onto the darkness of US military might and the world sees, as it is already beginning to see, the true picture of the US military’s helplessness and incompetence, then the shadow of that projected power will dissipate and vanish. And the world can be free from its callous theft and greed and imposed ideology.

It is time to hold high the illuminating torch of truth and let the world see how powerless the US actually is today. And how, if that military is attempted to be used in any real military action against our brothers and sisters anywhere, it will suffer such a great slaughter as can hardly be imagined. Unprecedented in its scope and unbridled in its fury, in vengeance over past crimes.

Those still hanging on to US coat tails need also to be aware of the precarious nature of their continued commitment to that misguided alliance.

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