A Little, Delayed, Cross-Atlantic Justice?

“Court in Ukraine orders investigation of Poroshenko, Obama administration members” – TASS

Well, well, well.  Has Ukraine finally woken up from its stupor and realised that it has been continually shafted for the past five years by a corrupt, greedy, unethical and self-serving United States government of the previous administration, certain now private US individuals, and undoubtedly a number of US corporate entities?  

Well, it is about time that happened, and appropriately it is just at the right time to either feed from or feed into, or both – depending on who has the nitty-gritty details – the Trump impeachment fiasco and also the Barr & Durham enquiry into the shenanigans of the US Democratic Party over the past three years.

Fun times ahead for any onlookers.  Not so for many participants – on both sides of the Atlantic.

May justice be served, and also seen.

…and just as an afterthought, one wonders whether it was a certain inter-presidential cross-Atlantic phone call that first put the idea of getting some of their stolen money back, into the heads of Ukraine’s Justice Department? Tee-hee-hee.

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