Evolution, Not Revolution – The New Russian Government

A better and more expertly reasoned summary of what the changes in the new Russian government actually mean – for both Russia and the World – you will probably not find.  The Saker summarises like this, and I would not deign to fault it in any way – in fact there is much to really like:  

“I would say that the Eurasian Sovereignists have finally secured their full control over the Russian state and that the demise of the Atlantic Integrationists is now a new fact of life. Since in this new government the only clearly identifiable group besides the Eurasian Sovereignists are the technocrats, this give Russia a much better chance to stand strong and united in the face of an AngloZionist Empire which has now clearly become unpredictable and therefore very dangerous (the murder of Soleimani is the best example of the actions of an Empire which has totally lost any sense of reality).” – The Saker

This change is a triumph of skilful political manoeuvering.  And there is much more about it to take note of in the full article:

“The new Russian government: a much needed evolution but not a revolution” – The Saker

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