The Hell of Ukraine is Turning into a Turkey Shoot for Russia

There are so many things to talk about today, I am just going to have to choose a few of them.

It has been said for a while now that Ukraine forces are losing around 1,000 of their dwindling number every day (killed or wounded), a figure which is totally unsustainable for many days. And yesterday apparently became open season on the remainder for Russian forces.

Three widely spread Ukraine military training areas for three separate brigades, where hastily cobbled together green recruits were just finishing their training, were wiped off the map by missiles whose launch vehicles were never seen by Ukrainian eyes. Three brigades, gone! Just like that! I suspect they were actually battalion sized units (Ukraine does not have the manpower now to form three new brigades), which means that up to 3,000 soldiers were killed or incapacitated in those attacks. That’s just my estimate – I have seen no figures yet. And that is just one feature of a very active day in the conflict area.

The battle for Severodonetsk/Lysichansk is all but over, and the several thousand troops left there are surrounded and cut off. In order to prevent soon to be captured foreign mercenaries (said to number around 120, many now having dropped their weapons and fled) from spilling the beans on just how much involvement the west has had in this conflict, they are being killed by the Ukrainian forces to ensure their silence. A fitting end for the rats, but to no avail since it is already well known what the west’s involvement is and has been.

As I said recently, there is only one more line of defence for Ukraine before a general retreat or rout across the Dneipr, or north to Kiev are the only options left for the conflict to continue with any serious resolve, and that line is already under attack from the north.

The other option is capitulation. But that won’t please Boris, who has dreams of building a super-army to rescue the situation. The man’s a looney. But in this instance (how can I say this?) he is completely right. The conflict cannot end here. Well, at least not with the needed agreements in place – which means, unfortunately, it must continue until the conditions are acceptable to Russia (not Boris, who doesn’t have any say in the matter). And since those conditions will not be met until there is no-one left standing at NATO HQ and/or in Washington DC (or NATO HQ and Washington have disappeared by one means or another) unless I am very much mistaken, it will not end until that situation is reached.

You may think that sounds crazy, and maybe it is (no-one has a crystal ball), but talk to me again in another few weeks.

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