NATO’s Death Wish

It is reasonable to surmise that NATO will shortly die anyway. That is an unstated but undoubtedly implied premise of Russia’s Demilitarisation and Denazification program now being rolled out, beginning with a clear-out of the ugly side of Ukraine – which statement is a socio-cultural reference rather than geographical.

No such D&D program in any part of Europe (and Ukraine has now been offered candidate status for that position) would be complete without the destruction of any joint national military structure operating in that space. So, NATO has to go. Its days already numbered, the organisation has been living on borrowed time since circa 1989. The kettle slowly coming to a boil since the events of February 24, 2022.

As if any further impetus were needed, an as yet undeclared intent to take the Kaliningrad Oblast away from Russia – though sanctions, a blockade, and buildup of unfriendly forces on all sides of that land are, I think, sufficient declaration to draw a response from Russia, even if words to that effect have not yet actually been spoken. And with events moving somewhere near the speed of electrons just now, that message may or may not have been passed already.

Whatever is going to happen may as well happen right now as to wait for the inevitability of it occurring in a few more weeks. The situation is dire, to be sure. There is obviously no mood for compromise. Neither side can afford to compromise, but for very different reasons. For NATO, in all its many colours, the sole reason is desperation. It has nothing else left. No other hope for its goals to be realised. If only they could realise, that also means they have no hope at all.

It is different for Russia. Russia does have hope. And it is that hope, primarily for its own peace and security, that is driving that nation forward in a mission plan that will ensure not only the success of that primary goal but also bring about peace and security for the whole world. At least those parts of the world which long to live in freedom from fear of being bullied, ravaged, murdered, impoverished, enslaved, etc., etc., mainly but not exclusively by savage white men of anglo-saxon appearance, and their various adherents.

Now that is a worthy mission by the noble Russians and their allies, filled by humanitarian virtue, and one which deserves wide support.

I have been waiting for an illuminative write-up of the Kaliningrad situation up to this point from someone of note, and one such has now surfaced. Read it here…

‘NATO Blockades Kaliningrad’ – Christopher Black for New Eastern Outlook

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