Australia, a Nation Lost

I read this today (I find more reliable news on TASS than I do back home)…

‘Australian Prime Minister promises to take up Julian Assange’s extradition case to US’ – TASS

Is the new Australian government demonstrating the development of a microscopic fledgling proto-spine? They would need to start from scratch because the previous government never found the need for any kind of spine. They were happy for Australia to remain the jellyfish in the US fishbowl – incapable of life outside of that constrained prison (not even allowed to obtain submarines from another ally). Maybe, although there is no visible indication yet, the times are beginning to change. I’m not holding my breath and I hope Julian Assange does not have his hopes pinned on it.

Australia, my chosen nation, is all at sea as the saying goes, and has been since 1975 – which was before I ever thought of making the country my home. Of course I was not a particularly political or awake animal back then. Mostly self-absorbed and with a young family, I was in the middle of a nine year engagement with the UK military at the time, and was barely aware that there had even been an overthrow of the then Labour government of that country and totally unaware that the event was CIA driven, or that Australia was from that moment a hostage nation living aimlessly within the US Gulag system. Or that my life would become embroiled in all of that chaos. And in particular that I would end up writing this kind of stuff – as a kind of release and comfort from having a means of self-expression – with no expectations as to where it might lead.

Australia has, from that point, 1975, become a nation lost. It could also have been some earlier point, of which I am unaware, but I have no reason to search further. There was a point in time around 2007, I think it was. I can’t be bothered looking that up either, it being merely a passing illusion. It was Kevin Rudd’s time, when there was a faint glimmer that the Aussies might begin to get along with China. But Rudd went mad and had to be shot down, or something like that (you will note I am not a historian – or at least not this history), and the whole issue got closed off. The doors have been mostly shut to China ever since, though China remains Australia’s major trading partner. It is a really weird world we now live in.

When later, the State of Victoria made some federally unauthorised agreement (Australian states are supposed to be independent bodies) to take part in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as soon as that sly bastard ScoMo got his grubby hands on the federal reins, that plan was kiboshed too.

So, geographically isolated, but nowhere closer than to Asia, and philosophically joined at the hip (or said to be) – I don’t believe it myself, and it has never been put to the people – with the west and in particular with the US (though while still under the constitutional rule of the British monarch) – Go Fucking Figure! – is it really any wonder that my country has been lost (meaning its people have no idea where they are or where they are supposed to be) for at least the last 47 years.

Of course the people haven’t known all this, or the reasons behind it, for most of that time. And I certainly didn’t when I arrived expectantly in 1981 looking for a better life than I had left behind in the ruins of a slowly degrading Britain. For the most part, I have enjoyed that better life, like every other Australian, happy to live quietly distanced from the wars and troubles of the rest of the world. But there have been changes, and awakenings, and arousals, and many (let’s make that ‘some’) Aussies now see a clearer picture of how they have, over time, been hoodwinked and many of their freedoms and rights have surreptitiously been removed or weakened. Most of that occurring only in the last decade or so of ultra neo-con government. Australia has always been conservative in its outlook and probably still is – Leftish Labour governments rarely getting into governmental power, at least at the federal level. Maybe the times really are changing. Maybe the people are beginning to see the writing on the wall. But only the really aware ones. The rest are still fed with the same daily lies from, all media sources, that the rest of the west are subject to. There is hardly a word of truth spoken on many subjects – especially those pertaining to Russia or China.

This does not augur well for Australia ever to ‘find itself’, relocate – no, that should be reorient itself, and redirect itself to the most desirable position there is in a place of security, safety and real (not imposed and fraudulent) friendship with other nations. Australia will never find that under the current arrangements it has. In fact Australia will undoubtedly – especially due to its physical isolation – go down in flames with its current allies.

Unless… UNLESS! China, in particular, and other asian nations make finding Australia (Australians, that is) a meaningful place in the world, happen – as a gesture of friendly cooperation. After a friendly invasion, if necessary – for our own good – our own, genuine, real, good.

Australians will need to be physically rescued and evacuated by someone, eventually anyway, as this land will in all likelihood become unlivable in the future. Although who actually knows what climate change will bring? Could Australia instead become a garden of Eden, with space and essential resources for millions of people from other dried up lands? We think we know, but I doubt we do. We haven’t been right about much thus far.

I can only hope wise decisions will be made, whatever the case.

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