Shortsightedness of Western Thinking on Oil Price Caps

Along with various other ‘Dumb and Dummer’ ideas entertained in the blighted minds of western governments and the movers and groovers of moneyed western elitism, fed by the necrotic dons of think-tank-land – because their own vacuous expressions strongly indicate they have no means of generating valid solutions to anything more arduous than popping the air pockets in plastic bubble wrap – the concept of placing a price ceiling on Russian exported oil products was obviously devoid of expectations of success, no matter how it was wrapped and expressed by the talking heads acting as mouthpieces for these inanimate dummies. It was set to fail from the start. Especially among the oil-buyers in their number – which, did they stop to think, was pretty much all of them?

The west, once again, turned out to be the best comedy show in town.

Only the producers of a commodity can set the price of that commodity – usually based on their production costs plus a marketable margin. And if you, as a consumer group, don’t carry a majority of the producers in your camp, or pocket, the setting of a price above which you will not pay – when at no stage of the deal do you possess a controlling interest in the setting of that price – is kind of like pissing into the wind. As those who do control the vectors decide to do so.

Of course there are more complexities than I have alluded to here but, at its most basic, this is the way of it. Will the west never tire of shooting themselves in the foot?

None of this will matter soon, as the west is on schedule to be sidelined to a position from where vacuous stares are all that is required or expected.

There was a change of vector: Reduction of production by Russia and OPEC+ will ensure an increase in oil prices – Sergey Tikhonov – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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