We Are In The Death-Throes Of An Old World And The Birth Of A New. And We Expect That Process To Be Peaceful?

It does not yet appear to have entered the thought realms of the western world, or even much among other peoples, that we are all living in a time of great change for humanity. A time for which there have been few, if any, actual precedents. Has no-one noticed this? Well, some have, obviously. It is not an original idea of my own. And such a world changing event requires considerable planning, over a very long period of time. Is this ‘plan’ perhaps the best kept secret of our time? It is, in fact, a plan to end tyranny.

And so the world carries on, unknowing or uncaring, or both, while the changes – twofold in nature – begin to clamour for our ‘otherwise occupied’ attention. Attempted actions of the tyrants to stabilise their self-wrought downfall are one cause of these turbulent changes, while the unfolding plan to end tyranny, brought to the last remaining option of open military conflict by the intransigence of the tyrants, is the other cause. So this is a time of crisis, a time of disruption, and a time of extreme violence. It could, viewing the situation objectively, be no other. There will be no peace, and the violence, disruption and crisis could well be come greatly extended and intensified, until all necessary conditions for an appropriate ending have been met.

Various sections of the global community are vainly calling for an end to it, as though this were something akin to prior conflicts down through the ages but more particularly to recent times where violence has become to be seen as vulgar and not in keeping with modern civilisation. All of these views are wrong, and those who hold them demonstrate their lack of understanding as to the nature of this conflict. There can be, and there will be, no end to it until the conditions are right.

And what would be the right conditions? Well, the set of conditions held in the minds of both tyrants and those who would end tyranny, are both impossible of agreement by the other side. This leaves as the only option for an ending of the struggle, the complete capitulation or destruction of one side or the other or, conceptually, of both. Which makes of this an existential contest.

I’m not sure that many people understand what an existential contest is, or what it entails. To put it bluntly, one side or the other (or in some circumstances, both) must cease to exist. In this sense, ‘capitulation’ is simply an admission of inability to continue as a party to the struggle, both now or ever – you might say, a virtual non-existence, in a future which depends on the good or evil will of the other party. So, you think that calls for a peaceful settlement, from any quarter, are going to even be heard or considered? Much less, agreed to by either of the warring parties? Think again my dear. There will be an end. There will either be a winner, a decisive winner, or there wil be no winner at all, but an assuredly empty loss by all. And the winner, if there is to be one – and I am fairly certain there will – was known, even before the contest began. And that certainty is founded as a direct result of long-term planning and an ability to garner friendly support from those affected (a majority of humanity), rather than by pissing everybody off apart from the bought acquiescence of the weak leaders of a few loosely related cronies. I think that adequately nails down what I think will be the eventual outcome of this situation.

You will of course, I hope, have already recognised that what I am talking about here, without actually mentioning it, is the struggle of the free world – or those who insist on following their own path of national development in peaceful cooperation with others of like mind – unhindered and unfettered by the imposition of the will of other parties (the tyrants) seeking to dominate and suppress such expressions of freedom. It is the open contest which has been brewing for almost the last 80 years between the east (now incorporating the global south), spearheaded by the gloriously well-timed conjunction of the stars of Russia and China, and backed also by a large family of nations representing around 85% of the global population – and the oppressive west which has held sway over that same period. A period of human history, through which some of us have lived our entire lives. Others have already passed on, a hoped for conclusion to the epoch never being realised in their time – yet knowing, I’m sure, on some level that there must come a needed change at some point in the near future. The vast majority of current human lives having begun their journey through life at some stage in that period, never knowing the history of it, and perhaps unaware or indifferent to any other way of being. To all those, let me say, it has not always been this way (thought there have always been other dangers, other oppressions, other difficult circumstances – inarguably so), but the way our peoples are living now – with all the new dangers that have been brought by mankind’s advancing knowledge and foolish desires – cannot continue indefinitely, and perhaps not much further in time from the present, without there being an unprecedented change in our ways of life. That change, that absolutely necessary change – if we are to have any kind of desirable future at all – is what we are witnessing right now on the blood-soaked fields and in blood-soaked ruins of cities in what used to be referred to as Ukraine. It is exactly that, or at least the first stages of that change. The future of our world and of all of our lives, inevitably depend on the outcome of that struggle. As an optimist, and a realist, I can see that the ultimate defeat of the west is the only way we can now move forward into that future. May it be so.

If anything I have said to this point has any value in the real world then it must be reflected in the writings of far more influential people than I. To show that this is so, I offer as examples of such thinking the following articles.

Among the most powerful women in the world today must surely be Elena Vladimirovna Panina – a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Director of the Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies-RUSSTRAT, Chairman of the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

In this authoritative NewsFront article – from which I quote below – the lady explains how what for Russia began as a simple genocide preventative operation to save the people of the Donbass region (now part of Russia), as a direct result of the becoming renowned stupidity of the west, became a strategic task for Russia to bring about the collapse of both the EU and NATO. There is much more to be read into that of course because, with the EU and NATO out of the way, there is no further reason for any kind of US military presence on what will inevitably fully become the Eurasian continent of free and sovereign states – thus fulfilling all of Russia’s security demands. At the same time reducing US hegemonic authority to not much more than 5% of the global population.

You can even call it a “war of hopelessness.” The complete victory of Russia in Ukraine guarantees the gradual collapse of the European Union in the form of fragmentation into smaller associations of countries or its complete disintegration.

Strategically, it will be much more profitable for both Russia and the PRC to build relations with individual national states of Europe, and not with the EU, whose Atlanticist bureaucracy is completely subordinate to the Anglo-Saxons.

‘The collapse of the EU and NATO is a strategic task for Russia’ – Elena Panina – 14.04.2023 – NewsFront

If you have the time, I also recommend the following interview. English and a great many other language subtitles are available from the Settings – of surprisingly good quality (perhaps because she speaks so clearly).

Also on the subject of full and undoubted Russian capability to achieve it aims, with or without external help (and even providing aid to others at the same time), here is Andrei Martyanov on the ‘grading’ etiquette – and the meaning of departures therefrom – in the field of international meetings. Especially when it comes to ‘military cooperation’. Though almost a week old now (I’ve been busy with other things), the article from which this quote is taken, upholds those ideas…

Let me translate into layman’s lingo. Morons in the US establishment media will immediately start speculating about China’s weapons to Russia–why, none of those cretins will be able to explain–but this visit is exactly about opposite. As Pentagon “leaks” (quotation marks are deliberate) tell us, Washington faces a historic in its scale blow-back due to own economic, military and foreign relations incompetence, US “grand strategists” continue to follow the “plan” and being beaten into bloody pulp in 404, now will try to assault China. Yes, that’s the plan, and yes–they are that stupid. China needs Russia’s military assistance and I repeat my “hypothesis”–the question will be about transfer of some hyper-sonic weapons, most likely Kinzhal, and its integration into Chinese military structure. 

When The Meeting Is “Upgraded”. – Andrei Martyanov blog – April 16, 2023

In an effort to introduce a variety of views, here is something from someone I have not featured previously but I like (most) of what he says. And “Big Time”, I feel, is no overstatement of the situational change we are and will be seeing develop.

‘The World’s About to Change “Big-Time”’ – Byron King – Daily Reckoning – April 13, 2023

Finally, and this is going off-subject a little way, but it is something I said I would not give up on – and I won’t. The ‘USians’ – a temporary group name for those who live in the US – have, by their own collective actions and egregious international policies, dragged the name ‘American’ through the dirt and mud of their nation’s foul deeds across the world (for which they have yet to pay – though what with, being themselves bankrupt, I cannot say), have also lost the right to exclusively use that name for themselves. They are ‘American’ of course. But so are many millions of other folk who have no wish to be part of the US pantomime. Particularly since it now appears to be rather short-lived. So the world now needs to come up with a new group name for the ‘USians’. I doubt that group would collectively like any of the names so far proffered as a replacement. The story is discussed in the following article from the Moscow based VZGLYAD news site.

‘It’s time for Russia to come up with a different name for the Americans’ – Dmitry Bavyrin – VZGLYAD – December 31, 2022

…And with that I must close.

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