End of the Road for US, EU & NATO

As I was saying yesterday (previous post), We Are In The Death-Throes Of An Old World And The Birth Of A New. And We Expect That Process To Be Peaceful?

Calls for peace are a waste of time and effort. Russia will decide the kind of peace and the time for peace. No-one else gets a say in that (especially not Trump or any other voice from the US/EU/NATO bloc). The exact conditions for that peace were laid out by Russia over a year ago. Those conditions have not and will not change – no matter who objects to that or proposes something else. But it is good to see there is a voice in the European Parliament (MEP Clare Daly) who has (mostly) the right message on the subject – whether she is listened to or not – except that I have heard her also pointlessly calling for peace. Pointlessly? Yes, as I said above, there can be no peace until the conditions are right.

People need to realise that Russia is a country that is not yet at war with anyone. If and when Russia declares war, you will know it.

Russia is in the driver seat here and there is no-one who can take the wheel from her. The US and NATO is a spent force, and who else is there to argue the point? Every other nation is behind Russia. So, what Russia says, goes. That point needs to become generally recognised. And until it is, this whole mess will continue to eat up European lives and destroy European economies. First Ukraine, then most likely Poland next, then working its way westward across the whole of the continent if needs be – and further still, if pushed. No compromise is possible. And Russia has been preparing for such a war, believing it inevitable, for many years now. Since 2014 at least. While across the same time period, the west has been slowly degrading itself in so many ways that it is today just a hollow shell. Hardly falling within the definition of a working and viable society, but totally dependent on other nations which it has also been alienating – including Russia, including China, including now Saudi Arabia among others. Europe and the US stand alone, friendless, hated, despised, shunned, and no longer feared. So you see…

The whole thing is really quite inevitable if you understand the underlying principles. There is nothing complicated about it.

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