Eight Months In Sudan. Goodbye and Good Riddance You Bastard Yankee Losers.

The image below is all you need to know (thank you @VROSEN11) about the latest rise and fall story of the empire of liars and losers, known (for now) as the US of A. What a bunch of wankers. Nobody, it is plain to see, wants anything to do with them – except other losers, like Australia.

The Sudanese should consider themselves lucky. What took 20 years of pain and torture to get the US out of Afghanistan has been compressed into 8 months in Sudan. The world should also be thankful. But this needs to be repeated in a pretty large number of other places, and soon.

As with most other examples of western democracy, the US is a sham. Nobody needs them. The world doesn’t need them. You don’t need them. Did you see my recent post – …You Cannot Claim To Be A Champion Of Democracy – where the Zambian opposition leader (echoing opinion of many African nation states) gave his view on the subject.

It is time a better use was found for that strip of land between Mexico and Canada, to save it from turning into an unliveable wasteland. There is still plenty of room in Europe and UK for another 300 million useless refugees – or however many are left after a program of de-weaponisation, de-wokeification and re-socialisation. See how welcome they would be there. Well, that’s one solution. And Russia can retrieve and reprieve its Alaskan Territories.

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