What Is The Australian Government Doing? They’ve Sold Us Out To The Damned Yankee Pindos!!

Dumb, weak-minded, stupid bastards!

I became an Australian citizen forty years ago because I saw in the Australian people a sufficient independent-minded attitude that we would one day gain a sovereignty as a nation from the old, already decayed empire of the previous two centuries, and stand on its own feet as a pillar of freedom and liberty.

So, what have we, the Australian people, now become? We are now the toe-rags – virtual slaves – to use an old-fashioned word (totally non-pc), we are now reduced to being ‘coolies’ of the most evil and destructive force the world has ever known – and not a vestige of the fine cloth of ‘sovereignty’ left to wipe our arses with. Next to the United States, both Russia and China stand out as virtual champions of truth and justice – which in reality they are (notwithstanding all the western propaganda bullshit about them).

Don’t bother mentioning the now dirty word of ‘democracy’ – there is no such thing – anywhere. But what the now rising pluripolar world of Eurasia and the Global South have, as their basis of being, is far better and infinitely superior to anything the sinking west has to offer in competition. Not that they will be capable of offering any sort of competitive alternative very soon. Instead thay will be struggling to find any form of continued existence for themselves, unless they drastically alter their ways and outlook vis-à-vis the rest of the world.

I won’t say any more here. Please read this Oriental Review article, and weep silently for the now lost and despairing people of Australia. If I were a person of faith, I would say pray for us, but that is not going to do any good. We must find something within ourselves. Some inner strength to fight our way out of this miasma. China, can you help?

Australia: Outsourced To The US Military Establishment‘ – Written by Binoy KAMPMARK on 29/04/2023, for Oriental Review.

Actually, I will say one more thing. This is not entirely the fault of the current Australian government. They are just the ‘coolies’ to hand over the final remains of our freedoms to the tyrants. A process which has been ongoing since the mid-70s of last century (and perhaps earlier) when Australia became the subject of one of the first CIA regime-change exercises. A process which has gathered pace until we are now infested with around a dozen US military bases and posts spread across our land, and the final straw being that we will now be a nuclear target of any non-US-aligned military action in future years, because of our foolish acceptance of the use of US nuclear powered submarines. And we are stupid enough to believe they will never be nuclear weapon armed vessels? Fools we are. A fools fate awaits us.

I’m pinning my hopes on a collapse of the west and a rescue operation from somewhere north of us. Our lands, though not necessarily ourselves, do still hold some pecuniary value.

Added afterword: I’m going to include this article here by Caitlin Johnstone – a fellow Australian –

‘Australia Pays Washington Swamp Monsters For War Advice’ – Strategic Culture Foundation – April 28, 2023

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