The United States Is The Greatest Enemy of ALL Mankind

I will repeat that statement.

The United States Is The Greatest Enemy of ALL Mankind

The only problem is that the world, and most of mankind, is/are far too engrossed in trivialities to notice. Trivialities like COVID, the Ukraine thing, how to make ends meet until the next payday or government handout or aid package. Too engrossed in the daily management of living to notice that all roads associated with the troubles they face in fact lead back to an origin point and ultimate cause that is deeply rooted in the evil plans of the United States for global dominance of the planet and all that lies within it – including the whole of mankind.

Ignorance, human ignorance, plays a large part in that – and that was also planned. The only effective weapon to use against planned ignorance is widely disseminated knowledge. And that is why I am featuring here two recent articles by Simplicius The Thinker which I believe contains the carefully gathered and presented knowledge which can help to dispel some of that darkness of unknowing to reveal the real life but essentially dire situation facing mankind today.

I am not hopeful for effective results from such endeavours to relay truthful accounts. I believe that many groups of humanity must yet suffer in similar ways to which the people of Ukraine have been led to suffer, to which many of the more developed nations have suffered from COVID, to which many less advantaged nations have suffered from unnecessary western wars of aggression and oppression, causing poverty, ill-health and ruined lives in many places. All down to the United States blind lust for power. The suffering of the world has not by any means concluded yet. But the more people who know and are aware of what the underlying causes of their suffering are, the better will they be placed to deal with that.

There is hope. Russia provides that hope. China provides that hope. And they are gathering support from all corners of the globe to aid in the struggle. Support, much more massive and stronger, even now, than the crumbling power of western, US led, ambition. Let’s be part of that rising influence and bring an end to uncalled for and inappropriate attempts at western domination. No single nation is ‘destined’ to rule the world.

Meanwhile, here is what you need to know…

Firstly, a sample and link to all the background information on what led to the world we have today…

Prophetic 1992 Interview with Putin Mentor Anatoly Sobchak Predicts Existential Clash


MAY 2, 2023

St. Petersburg’s first mayor and Putin mentor Anatoly Sobchak gives a sobering and darkly prophetic interview where he correctly outlines not only the injustice of Ukraine filching the land given to it by Russia after splitting from the USSR, but how Ukraine will now become a ‘time bomb’ as it arms itself for a future clash that would endanger mankind itself.

This is particularly interesting to me because I’ve mentioned several times before how people close to the geopolitical situation in the 90s and 2000s all predicted today’s events. Others who had only begun following the situation in recent years erroneously believed that the Ukraine situation had only begun to inflame after the various revolutions of the 2000s. For instance, the Orange Revolution of 2004-2005, and even the Georgian Rose Revolution of 2003, which was linked in a general way.

But in actuality, the tensions and hostilities between Ukraine and Russia can be traced back to right after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Of course, most of us know that the tensions can really be traced back even much further: to the CIA Project Aerodynamic, for instance, which first began to establish radical nationalist enclave movements in western Ukraine, akin to the GLADIO network. (Here’s the paperwork on it from their own site)

But it really spun into overdrive in the ‘90s, particularly after Western NGOs and Soros money began to pour in.

In the video at the top, I’ve included several other clips showing some of the Western/intel involvements in Ukraine dating to the ‘40s and ‘70s; I’d advise you all to watch its entirety. The fact is, people on both sides of the aisle knew this. So when the fraudulent Belovezha Accords were signed in ‘91, shrewd Russians could intuit that it was only a matter of time until Ukraine’s ultra-nationalism uncloaked itself from the shadows and came to the forefront to begin agitating in provocateur fashion against Russia.

Read on at the original site…

Then, here is a sample and link to Simplicius’ latest compilation (a great piece of work) on what is actually happening in Ukraine…

SITREP 5/1/23: Massive Missile Strikes Rock Ukraine


MAY 2, 2023

There are a lot of updates, so strap in folks.

Firstly, let’s cover the most pressing news. The anxiety surrounding the upcoming Ukrainian offensive is reaching a peak. Many predictions stated it would come early to mid-May. Prigozhin himself just stated that May 2nd is when the rains will stop and the ground will begin fully drying up, which will take a couple weeks at most. Recall that Vladlen’s old prophecy was between easter and May 15 at the latest.

Prigozhin believes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces can launch a counteroffensive in May: the last rain should pass on the 2nd, it will take another week for the soil to dry up, then they will be ready to move.

The best scenario for the Armed Forces of Ukraine would be an offensive in June, in May they would have time to prepare the 61st, 44th, 115th, and 5th brigades. The enemy wants to gather more troops that can deliver massive strikes in all directions. However, the Western hosts require an offensive on the eve of May 9.

Now Ukraine is increasing shelling on various fronts, probing attacks, drone strikes—all potential precursors. There is also activity on the Dnieper.

One thing to mention is that for the past few months, Ukraine was said to be damming a lot of water up-river on the Dnieper. The water levels were said to have dropped to historic lows. The reason is presumed to be that they intend to launch a cross-Dnieper assault by drying up the river. Around Kherson particularly (and possibly other regions), there are many areas where the river is split into a lot of small, marshy tributaries and islets which are not very deep. If you really drain the river by damming it up stream, it could create cross-able conditions.

Read on at the original site…

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