Is The Global Alliance (Russia/China/+) Prepared For A War Against Rainbows, Unicorns and Drag Queens?

It seems that once Russia has swept away, in the next few days/weeks, the few remaining tough nuts facing them in Ukraine, there will be nothing to stop them taking the conflict as far as they wish – All The Way Into USA, if necessary in order to achieve all their stated goals. Nothing, that is, except being confronted by a gaudy and flamboyant army of drag queens riding unicorns. Forget shells, bombs and bullets, all the supplies needed to overcome this flashy mob will be a new range of rainbow coloured body bags. Full acceptance of the to-die-for surrender deal they must be offered, sealed with woke platitudes in a personalised and perfumed letter delivered to each ‘soldier of fluffyness’ from the fairy queen herself – for which role the US Navy already has a chosen candidate.

Catch this…

And then this (after cleaning away the inevitable upchuck), fresh from Sky News Australia (brilliant sarcasm)…

It’s all a bit of a giggle, isn’t it? Although…

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