Correcting a Historical Anomaly

It has been at least 12 days since I even considered working my keyboard to express views here. I have not found anything worth talking about in that time.

That’s not strictly true since I have been working on something which is not yet complete and which would also win me no friends if it ever sees the light of day, but I am talking about matters of general interest or which should be of general interest – if the world were not so diverted towards that which is meaningless and trivial – and, on those matters of importance, my last writing may just as well have been yesterday. Nothing has changed. Nothing has happened to even cause any change. With the possible exception that Eastern Europe now has another nuclear fallout mess (spreading westwards) to clear up – thanks to the lunatics in charge of my nation of birth, and I say this with gritted teeth and more than a small amount of disgust and ill-feeling, Britain. You all know why, or should.

It is quite a remarkable thing that everything is still as it was two weeks ago when you consider the huge amount of bustling activity that has been raising dust almost everywhere. But that is just the panicked hustling of a dying world order. There is no longer, if there ever was, any kind of substance behind the underhand methods and brash frontage of the global hegemon supposedly policing the interests of the ‘Golden Billion’ and some disturbingly obtuse notion they call ‘Democracy’, while quietly (well, they seem to be completely unaware, or uncaring, how noisy and obvious their evil efforts towards self-supremacy actually have been – its an open secret ) looking after only those interests which favour its own abhorrent schemes.

Despite all efforts to the contrary, Russia is still winning what is, to one side, an all-in ‘East European’ or ‘NATO-Russia’ war, while to the other it is still simply a ‘Special Military Operation’ involving nothing more than a small fraction of their military might. As the reality of that situation slowly filters through the Russian mindset we may yet see the ‘We haven’t really started anything yet’ philosophy change to something more robust. Resulting in an eventual settling of both the dust and the filtered sunset on the demise of the ‘globalist empire’ and the dawning of the new multipolar world toward which so many peoples and nations are currently working.

There is so much more I could say on this, but I want to ease myself gently back into possibly more regular posting of my view of the world. An end to my personal hiatus? We’ll see.

In the meantime there are lots of good accounts of current events, if you know where to look. Nothing world-shattering, but informative. Here’s one.

‘The West will have to accept the new rules of the “game”’ – News Front – 16.05.2023

Until next time…

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