The West Has Talked ‘Shit’ For So Long They Now Do Not Realise Everything They Say Is ‘Shit’

I promise not to use that ‘s**t’ word again in this piece. Twice is enough to make a point.

It seems I have begun to write again, after a short break, at just the right time, It is right now that everything is beginning to coalesce and come together (actually that’s the same thing but it merits the double emphasis). And I mean everything in world affairs. There has never been another time when this has occurred, but May 2023 seems as good time as any for it to begin. Exactly 78 years after the last missed opportunity for the world to come together after laying low the demons of Nazism/Fascism. You may ask me what qualifications I hold to be speaking on such matters. My qualifications are that I hold a Birth Certificate dated March 1945 – 78 years ago. So I have seen, and understand, everything that has occurred in that time – more or less. And anyway, I did not say anyone should listen to what I have to say. I have no expectation of that happening. All I want to do is to record the fact that I know all that is needed to be known about the relative importance of those events and what that means for those of us, many who know little or nothing of that big picture but are required – since they are alive today – to live through, and deal with, the consequences of all that.

So, what is it that I want to say? Well, the first thing is that if you are a westerner, from any nation identifying as being part of what is generally known as the western nations, you are living in a delusion. A delusion based on more than 80 years of continual lies woven into a false narrative, the primary intent of which is to form in your mind an incorrect picture of your standing in the world, the pre-eminence of your way of life as being above that of any other cultural and ethnic groups of humanity as a cover for the atrocities of theft, murder (even genocide), torture, mutilation and general debasing, oppression and humiliation of those other communities for the west’s personal enrichment. The secondary intent of that diabolic narrative being to instill a culture of fear and subjection into the oppressed cultures. You know that is true and also that the auspices of the organisations set up almost 80 years ago – the United Nations – to provide an illusion of fairness in the international dealings among mankind, is but a thinly veiled facia for continuation of the centuries old origins of what is still occurring today. We know that because it was exclusively set up by the prominent western powers of the time. The Soviet Union being included (but excluded from knowing the secret nature of the endeavour) as a second class representative of the ‘other’ non-western states. It was also at that time that the inner circle of the brotherhood of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ nations – the ‘Five Eyes’ security sharing group – was also formed. The whole world has lived under the threats of ‘Western Might’ and the potential ‘Shock and Awe’ they could bring, for the whole of my lifetime so far.

But that reign of terror is now coming to an end. The other 85% of humanity have now declared enough is enough! And primarily led by Russia and China, but including a majority of the other still sovereign nations who have shunned western over-lordship, in many cases at great cost to themselves, they are standing up and grouping together to begin a new age of liberty, free from the nauseous form of ‘western democracy’ from under which they have long laboured to escape or remain separate.

This movement, begun some years ago with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which caught the attention of many nations and which the west recognises as a huge threat to its own plans, has most recently been spearheaded by Russia in its drawing of the line to halt the aggressive advance of western interests to the detriment of all others. Those Russian warnings being unheeded, in fact completely ignored by the belligerent west, led to the saving of the lives of a great many Russian people living in the Donbass and other regions of southern Ukraine. That action has also led to a bleeding of western capacity to wage war and an unnecessary cull of the youth of Ukraine over the last fifteen months of a conflict which could have so easily been avoided. It has also cemented, as perhaps no other circumstances could have done, the non-western nations into a unified whole which will lead to an annulment of western influence of any kind across the length and breadth of the globe.

I believe that the events of May 16, just a few days ago as I write, has also awakened a realisation in the minds of western leaders that they are helpless to stop or even to weaken the move to end the west’s uni-polarity game, where they and only the chief of them has any say in how the world is run and managed, and replace that with a new multi-polar world situation where a coalition of sovereign and independent nations. all nations, jointly working together to the benefit of all people.

I think some inkling that something like this new movement happening is slowly percolating into the mindset of western leaders – along with a degree of panic over the imminent end of their reign of terror over the world, but they are so entrenched in their old views of their own rightful dominance in world affairs that they are struggling to gain any kind of acceptance of this new reality They are certainly now aware of their complete incompetance to prevent or even compete effectively in any military capacity against whatever Russia has plans to achieve. They know, after the demonstration of destruction of their vaunted Patriot Air Defence weaponry on the night of May16 near Kiev, that none of their current weapons can stand up to such capabilities as the Russians possess, and will likely never be so equipped to inflict military defeat on that nation or any of its peer partners again.

And so they are looking for other ways out of the situation in which they find themselves. They of course have no fresh ideas. This is a situation they never anticipated, even though they have never actually won a war in their entire history. So they have looked backwards at previous solutions which have been used to avert total disaster of the kind they suffered in VietNam and Afghanistan. And they see the still ongoing impasse they concocted, a non-solution at best, on the Korean peninsula back in the 1950s (when they were at the potential ‘height’ of their military fortunes and self-belief). A solution for a never-ending conflict, frozen in time. Do they really think Russia is going to fall for that ploy? Not a chance in hell. But that doesn’t deter them from their perpetual ‘shit-talk’. No Sir. It’s all they know.

I’m going to quote from a TASS article produced May 18…

According to Politico, various US agencies and the White House have been speculating about how the events in Ukraine may unfold. In particular, they have discussed the option of “freezing” it long-term, with lines being negotiated that both Russia and Ukraine would agree not to cross.

This is speaking from total ignorance of the real situation and as if the west was in any position to impose such a settlement on Russia. I am confident that Russia would tell the west exactly where to stuff their proposal. It is Russia who is in the driver seat now. Western influence is relegated, if it has any position at all, to somewhere in the back of a towed trailer, off camera and out of earshot.

They are now planning for the long term, having abandoned their short term thinking – which centred around Russia collapsing economically and its ‘weak’ military proving incapable of defeating Ukraine. How wrong they were and are. They further say…

According to Politico, even the very idea of long-term planning may cause apprehension in Kiev about whether the US will continue to aid Ukraine – especially considering that many US Republicans intend to tone down the support for Ukraine in the future. One source, a high-ranking Biden Administration employee, noted that many contingency plans are being discussed right now in case of unforeseen circumstances, because the situation is volatile. According to the official, Washington is only certain that Russia will not “conquer” Ukraine.

Ha! Russia has already ‘conquered’ Ukraine. The conflict was decided even before it began, not by the amount of western aid to be provided but by Russia’s resolve, existential need, and the many years of judicious planning to ensure its success – while the west lolled around in flowery fields of self-satisfaction and indolence. Western aid is failing and will soon peter out as the west runs out of either funds (quite likely), available weapons/munitions (inevitable), or both (wouldn’t that be a thing to behold?). Panic is the order of the day in the unhallowed halls of Pentagon and NATO, Washington and Whitehall, The Reich Chancellory (?), Palais Bourbon, and a number of nondescript buildings, since they don’t seem to have a name, nor their locations widely known – housing the largely un-elected or not democratically elected Members of the European Parliament in the regions of Brussels or Strasbourg. Grim faces all around – at least among those who are cognitively aware. The Russians are coming. The Chinese are coming. The Eighty-Five Percent of the Rest of the World who want liberty and national sovereignty, are coming. Won’t that be truly a sight to behold?

Back to the TASS report…

US officials that Politico talked to note that the conflict will remain “hot” for a long time, and the US Administration intends to keep sending weapons and aid to Ukraine to “push” Russian forces out of as much territory as possible. The sources expect that hostilities will continue even after the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive. In the medium term, they say, the situation will come to a standstill: fighting will continue, but neither side will achieve any significant progress.

Oh dear, the level of delusional thought being floated among western apparatchiks is formidable. There will be no substantive ‘Ukrainian counteroffensive’. There is no ‘substance’ left among their whittled away military ranks, and if a sufficient number of those ragged and bloodied forces were to gather together in a few select places for a potentially prospective incursion against Russian defences, it – the selected launch site – would be turned into a bloodbath of unimaginable horror. That “the situation will come to a standstill: fighting will continue, but neither side will achieve any significant progress”, is a statement just too ‘daft’ to merit comment.

Read the whole TASS report here: ‘US getting ready for ‘frozen’ conflict in Ukraine — Politico’ – TASS – May 18, 2023

And if you doubt my conjecture as to the invulnerability of Russian weapons being continually produced in sufficient quantities to ensure that by Russia’s unparalleled military production capability, read this report by a well-primed and informed Simplicius The Thinker…

‘Anatomy of MIM-104 Patriot Destruction + Primer on Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile’ – Simplicius The Thinker – May 18, 2023

I have said more than enough here. And none of it is said lightly. These are serious matters. Matters not confined to some narrow-minded view of the importance or otherwise of the Ukraine affair – which is simply the ground, of the west’s own choosing, on which to ingloriously end its .own ‘day in the sun’. The ‘sun’ is now rising on another world. A new world of order and peace, of liberty for all – not just some – and the freedom of all nations to work towards their own goals and achievements unimpeded by foreign dictates under just and fair international laws. The same rules for everyone. No exceptions. Now, that will truly be something to behold.

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