“That’s What American Aid And Democracy Is All About!” – Patrushev

I say things in my writing here that are sometimes difficult to believe. It is a matter of principle for me to be reasonably sure that everything I say is actually true and verifiable in some way. Usually that means diving beneath the surface of reported news. And sometimes it means simply waiting for such confirmation to surface of its own accord. It always does.

For example, in a report yesterday I mentioned the presence of a nuclear cloud of particulate fallout, emanating from western Ukraine on May 16, and drifting westward into the lands of certain eastern European states, particularly Poland – all EU member states. It is unlikely that you would have heard of this through normal news channels, but I wouldn’t know of that for sure because I do not receive input from such channels. But I do know that this has today been confirmed by a top level russian source. Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev is a Russian statesman, Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation since May 12, 2008, General of the Army, Hero of the Russian Federation, and Full Knight of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. I would suggest he is a man not given to lying.

Read what he says here in this TASS report – ‘Radioactive cloud from Ukraine’s eliminated munitions drifts to Europe — Security Council’ – TASS – May 19, 2023

Whether you choose to read that report or not, you should know that the source of this radioactive fallout is the presence in Ukraine of British supplied Depleted Uranium shells for use in the Challenger II tanks the UK also provided to Ukraine. They didn’t explode in their own right of course but as a result of legitimate Russian missile strike on the warehouse in which they were being stored in the western Ukraine town of Ternopol (or Ternopil). If the munitions had not been destroyed in a single area their use in land fighting would have spread the contamination widely across much of Ukraine.

Polish people can thank their NATO partner (Ex-EU member, UK) for its terrorist acts in this case.

Since many other munitions were also destroyed in that raid, Ukraine has a convenient excuse for not being able to conduct its long awaited and much postponed Counteroffensive. Not that they were ever going to be able to more than nibble at the edges of Russian defensive positions. Nor will they be able to prevent a Russian advance to whatever positions they choose, within or beyond Ukraine western borders, at any time of their choosing. I believe the west generally is also coming to believe that to be fact – although it will be a long time, and perhaps not until the aftermath, that they will admit anything of the sort.

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