An Unfinished Task

One reason why the world is in the shape it is today, not the main reason but a contributing and convenient factor to the shaping of the world situation, is the unfinished task of defeating Nazism and Fascism – so often linked together but not quite the same thing.

Seventy Eight years ago, beginning May 1945, with the ending of the Great Patriotic War (known to the west as the Second World War) and the military defeat of a Nazi led Germany (in which the west played only a very minor but essential part), the defeat of Nazism was proclaimed. But nothing of the sort actually occurred. It was in fact a lie. Nazism was simply allowed to go underground for a while. It may be true to say that Nazism was suppressed but not defeated. The reasons for that become clear when it is realised that the financiers of the western war effort, and also financiers to the building of Hitler’s military might (see image), not to mention the west’s leaders, were Nazi sympathisers, probably closet Nazis themselves.

These fiendish collaborators, with the unexpected weakening of German might, thanks to a resurgent Soviet Union and its costly, in human terms, success in turning the tide of the war against its Nazi protagonists, saw an opportunity for profit and a future prospect of taking their foul western ideology of exceptionalism (which is essentially what Nazism is) world-wide, came late to the game to assist in Germany’s downfall in its final years. It was never their plan to defeat Nazism but to nurture it for future use in their own corrupt cause by making it appear as a defeat through removal of its leaders. That is a simplistic outline, I know, but it is realistic. Subsequent facts attest to that, and I think are more widely acknowledged than may be thought. The general populace is not meant to know.

In subsequent years, many fascist national leaders have arisen in various parts of the world – many of them falsely so labelled by the west – and they have been largely removed one way or another, because western exceptionalism will not allow or permit what appears to be or may become a force in opposition to their so-called principles of democracy. Nazism itself has simmered along in the dark corners of western nations (and only in those quarters) but there is no record, to my knowledge, of any national level return to that ideology – until Spring, 2014, in Ukraine. And that was again fostered by and part of the ongoing plans of the west in its drive for world supremacy – and Nazism is a very useful tool for that purpose. You only have to look at how the now ubiquitous western militarised police forces operate. They all have the ‘Nazi’ label raised against them, and justifiably so. If the west is allowed to get its way, the whole world will be turned into such a state where the military garbed storm troopers patrol the streets and any semblance of ‘liberty’ is suppressed. “You will own nothing, but you will be happy,” says Klaus Schwab of the WEF – a future Gauleiter, or perhaps much higher in the ranks of the minority ruling elite.

There is only one thing standing in the way of the western plans for a Nazified world, with just a few of their leaders in top positions and a much reduced human population of select individuals accustomed in some way to play the role of happy campers, owning nothing, in the AI controlled, storm-trooper patrolled, digital image enhanced ghettos to which they would be assigned, and that one thing is the Vladimir Putin led Russia – and whatever other nations answer the call (they are lining up even as I write this) – which will not lay down and accept the future the west has designated for them.

Russia will win its struggle against the forces of the west, alone if necessary, it has the means, the power, and I believe the will to accomplish that so far unfinished task. The task being to finally defeat the Nazism on which the west has so surreptitiously been built. A task which was never completed and never meant to be completed back in 1945. And a task which the Soviets were never allowed to have a say in during the post-war proceedings back then. That will not be the case this time. Russia is in the driver seat this time, and will not be unseated or back-seated. The consensus of Russian opinion I think is that there is no reason for peace talks or any kind of negotiations with Ukraine. I expect a fresh round of calls for such talks to emerge with the liberation yesterday of Artemovsk (no longer to be called Bakhmut), exactly a year to the day after the coastal city of Mariupol was also liberated. That is a significant event, but the job is not yet over. It will not be complete until all trace of Nazism has been eradicated, not only from Ukraine but also all other nations in the western bloc. This task must be finished and not allowed to be blocked even if it means the complete destruction of Ukraine and all other western or pro-western states.

I will finish by repeating that last sentence. Please read it slowly this time…

This task (the eradication of Nazism) must be finished and not allowed to be blocked, even if it means the complete destruction of Ukraine and all other western or pro-western states.

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