Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

We in the west live in a shoddy world of intrigue, deception, lies, hostility and suspicion. There is little in which to trust and nothing is what it seems. Little wonder then that there is a pervasive wave of illnesses, some never encountered before, and especially mental disorders, among western peoples. This quite naturally culminates in the kind of society where ‘wokeism’ suddenly becomes a thing, sending all the wrong messages about supposedly ‘hurt feelings’ of various nominated minorities which is something that never existed in times before, and an expectation that society should mould itself around these freshly elevated groups – to a point where it becomes an offence against something or other to upset anyone. How base has society become when, to quote someone else: “Anything goes and nothing matters” and it becomes a matter of law to uphold that.

As an example, and why I chose the title of this piece, it has been recently reported that the British comedy troupe of ‘Monty Python’ have been requested to remove a scene from a new stage version of their much loved ‘Life of Brian’ story because it might be offensive to some thin-skinned deplorables (well that is my way of describing it). It was pointed out by one of the team that in 40 years since the original film version swept the land there has never been a registered complaint about that part of it. Has society gone so soft now, so squishy, as to now ‘care’ (if that is the right word) enough to find this offensive? There are many other such stories. To me it is just a sign of the deterioration and imminent collapse of western society.

Thank goodness this ‘illness’, which is really what it is, is confined to the western nations, and as such does not bode well for their future. The best advice I can give is to detach yourself as far as possible from western thought. It has become toxic.

Thank goodness for that isolation and that there are parts of human society around the globe for which there actually is a ‘Bright Side of Life’. And so, I was looking for something to contrast the murkiness of western life with something finer and on which I could write here. A friend, out of the blue, sent me just the right thing today.

Unlike the west, China is full of life and vitality, and is blooming now in the ‘Grain Buds’ season of the 24 Solar Terms which make up their seasonal year. Oh to be in China just now, and to be experiencing the invigoration of life in an atmosphere of freedom and liberty. Please enjoy watching this video and the commentary that goes with it. All is well with China.

‘GLOBALink | Sports Beats of 24 Solar Terms: the Grain Buds’ – Xinhua Global Service – May 21, 2023

Now, with a fresh spark of hope and expectation in your eyes, take a look at how the rest of the world looks to Chinese eyes by selection of the ‘World’ tab at top of that Xinhua page.

This, currently, and I expect it is much the same most days, is like taking a trip to the dark side. Current reported subject headings include:

Tensions escalate as U.S.-manipulated G7 sparks confrontation

3 dead in shooting at Kansas City bar in U.S.

Israeli far-right minister visits Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, sparking condemnations

…although it must be said that China also reports on good things and important things that happen in the rest of the world. Take a look.

The world needs to embrace China just as much as it needs to embrace Russia. And, believe me, the 85% of the world that is non-west is actively doing that right now. It is mostly only the west, with vision clouded by their own funk (not the musical kind), which cannot see the value in that over the direction in which they are now headed,

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