Do I Have A Treat For You Today?

Well, not just a treat but a veritable feast of heart-warming, confidence building, viewpoint verifying, outlook affirming, news and confirmative assurance from – and ‘in full flight’ – Geopolitical Analyst, Pepe Escobar.

Skillfully providing the setting and background to that, is interviewer Danny Haiphong (The Left Lens broadcast). Rarely does such an interviewer take a back seat position in this way to allow such a fine and experienced guest the unfettered time to give full and effervescent expression to their own thoughts. Pepe Escobar is just the person, with the right energy – the right opinions – and the right knowledge to take full advantage of that.

Over almost 20 minutes we are regaled with non-stop platters of the best food-fare for the enquiring mind, leaving us (well, leaving me, but I can’t speak for anyone else of course, take from it what you will) with a satisfied smile and a warm glow that the views we nurture and the opinions on the world situation we cherish, are fully justified as truthful and of verifiable objectivity – no matter how they are received or perceived elsewhere. And if that is how you yourself see the world, you will, I have no doubt, after watching and listening to this, feel that same sense of satisfaction and glow of inner warmth. After viewing, I hope you will agree that I have not in any way oversold this piece.

Please enjoy…

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