‘Peaceful Modernization’ With Retained Sovereignty or ‘Neo-Medievalism’ Under US Hegemonic Vassalage

That is the choice facing this modern world. And there is still a choice to be made.

The recent historical record shows how every nation trying to develop outside the Washington Consensus is terrorized at myriad hybrid war levels. This nation becomes a target of color revolutions, regime change, illegal sanctions, economic blockade, NATO sabotage or outright bombing and/invasion.

Pepe Escobar – see linked article

I have allowed several Escobar articles to flow past without comment – Hey, I’m not here to baby-feed – but I do try to feature reports and events that should be noted as being of high importance. This latest, as of October 20/21, 2022, is one of those. It contains crucial Escobar commentary on President Xi’s crucial report to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China. Trust me, this is a foundational work for the benefit of the whole world – whether or not the world yet recognises it as such. Trust me again, the world is beginning to open up to that idea – and Xi’s China is major trading partner with 143 nations of that awakening world family. How many ‘friends’ does the US have?

Speaking of the US and the west, they are unaware, have not yet woken to the fact that they are already dead. That is, their way of life, their ability to control, to push around, to dictate, to plunder and destroy, those who do not follow their demands for complete obedience and servitude, is over. Kaput! Finished!

There are even those in the west, and probably even outside its scope, who believe that even if the west dies or becomes crippled and incapable, those who currently own and control the international mechanisms of control, as Lords of Empire (folk like those behind the WEF and other clandestine institutes of criminal psychopathy), will continue to rule the world system because of their accumulated wealth and the power it embodies to engage malevolent forces to still do their bidding. Thus enslaving whatever remains, or is needed, of the human population to the terrors of what will amount to being a planetary concentration camp. That is not some wild vision of the night conjured in my head, it is the stated intention of those psychopaths. I cry ‘Balderdash!’ to all that. They will not succeed. The wealth of these Mega-Beasts is built on debt – the global debt – apportioned out as loans to the global community and repaid by them by taking on more and more debt to enable them to buy ever more expensive weapons of destruction and other toys, while the ‘Lords’ gather and plan for other more subtle means of population reduction (several of which we have already seen them pilot-test for use and full scal introduction as and when they are ready to do so in earnest – the debt and wealth accumulation stage of their plans still being ongoing). In the end, in a no-growth world, where debt is unserviceable, the Rulers wealth itself – even if it is physical – will lose its value entirely – and with it goes their power. What a mess that would leave!

Thank Goodness (I was going to say ‘Thank God’, but I managed to retain my grip on reality), there is another way. A way which bears no relationship to all described above. And thank goodness there are those humans, actually in positions of power today, who have plans to bring to fruition that alternative way. They are not of the west. They are nowhere to be found in the west. They are mainly to be found in the great global island of the Greater Eurasian Continent and they are guided by several pillar nations (those which have most influence outside the west) – Russia, China, Iran, India, being the major ones. And they cover around 80% of the global population and a similar proportion of the global GDP. They have been downtrodden or at least harassed and impeded at every step for decades since the west – the Golden Billion’ – became blinded by their own visions of glory – which only served to bring the ‘Lords of Empire’, the 1% of the ‘Golden Billion’, led by the 0.1% of the global psychopaths, to prominence.

OK, I think I can recognise when I have said enough, or perhaps a bit too much, so please now read the words of Pepe Escobar in this article on the Cradle – and perhaps read around a little further on some of the ideas mentioned…

‘Peaceful modernization’: China’s offering to the Global South’ – Pepe Escobar – The Cradle – October 20, 2022

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