Things That Do Make A Difference

While there are good, solid, reasons for pointing out ideas and information which is widely spread and readily absorbed but, being based on lies or distortions are not good material on which to feed the mind and in the end, though too late by then, will be revealed as having been unworthy of attention, I have decided to shelve my idea of a series of posts on things that don’t make a difference, in favour of things that do.

There are far too many things on the “don’t” list, and only a few on the “do” side. In any case, I think most people are fed up with the negative side of things and we are in desperate need of positive guidance. But where to find it? I think I know some of the right moves, people and places. And that list is growing.

Here’s a first attempt at what may (there’s that word again) become a series on ‘Things That Do Make A Difference’…

It’s an East and West thing, or perhaps more plainly a West and the Rest thing. And that is something everyone can understand – on whichever side of the line you stand, and not necessarily physically.

It is also a mainly White versus Non-White thing. Though with multicultural movements aided by the freer travel and migratory human urges, often initiated by conflict, the edges of that divide are being blurred and softened. And the ‘whites’ are not actually white, but let’s not get into that. But it is those races in particular who have shaped the geopolitical world into what we see today in order to feed their need to be seen as superior and also to feed their cultures on the resources of conquered, subdued, or indoctrinated peoples of other lands or territories. That is simply a matter of historical fact.

But facts, as well as times, do change. And peoples cannot be held down and pillaged for ever. Especially when the strength of oppressors begins to weaken over time. Their numerical as well as actual strength, in practice, having never been as powerful as depicted by their stories.

The facts have actually changed so much in recent times that the story is becoming a full turnaround of fortunes. The west is in decline and the rest are on the ascendant, and that is already beginning to make a difference, a noticeable difference in world affairs. It is a thing worth talking about, no matter which side of the line you may stand. There doesn’t even need to be a line of course, the line is only there because the west placed it there for their own purposes.

What has been the major foundation for this change? Well, there are two points to make on that. First the west has become complacent and too comfortable with its long held dominance of world affairs. Perhaps it is a natural cyclic thing. Empires come and go, and it is always as a result of decay of the old way and the rise of some new force to replace it in the position of power. Is this case any different now? It seems not. The Non-West is beginning to get its act together and to work in some form of unity – which has not been apparent until recently. It is an amazing thing to witness in its formative stages, which are now sufficiently advanced as to be unstoppable. The Non-West is coalescing into what is now a new, dominant, though sharing and cooperative force. The West has yet to fully realise what is happening. So you, if you can see that, are on the leading edge of the new world. Fortunately it speaks of being a cooperative world rather than manipulative or coercive. And hopefully it will not have dominant peaks (or poles), although that would be preferable and an advancement on what has been a monopole or uni-pole world for so long now.

I will let someone else take up the story. This is Patrick Lawrence, an established writer who may become added as one of my go to sources of fine global commentary. He seems to know what-is-what and is, along with my other preferred sources, able to tell it lucidly and more professionally than I can. I don’t mind that, since it saves me a lot of time and effort, and I am not so proud as to be unable to acknowledge better writing and good sense than I could personally provide. I am here to bring illumination, not necessarily to produce it myself.

Read this quote as a taster for the full story to be found on the link below.

This will undoubtedly be the thing which makes a difference in tomorrow’s world from the turbulent world we have today. I feel sure of that. But never forget that today’s turbulence is the birth pains for the arrival of tomorrow’s world.

This is more than a pretty big deal. It brings us considerably closer to the new world order Russia and China, the two most influential non–Western nations, have been talking about for several years and notably since the Biden administration took power in January 2021. Within months, Beijing and Moscow concluded that there is no making sense of a nation that, even as its power declines, has no intention of working with them as equals to mutual benefit. Since then, numerous other countries have had little trouble detecting which way the wind blows.

The Ukraine crisis has sent a new bolt of electricity through this geopolitical trend. Nations representing more than 80 percent of the global population and a like percentage of global gross domestic product are perfectly capable of seeing the Biden administration’s pointed provocations and do not approve. 

‘Patrick Lawrence: The Non-West Coalesces’ – Scheerpost – October 16, 2022

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