Not Just Another BRICS In The Wall

…but the wall is being built. And BRICS is just the foundation stone. Better to be part of a wall standing against future troubles than to face them alone or in company of those incapable of cooperative effort.

‘Everybody wants to hop on the BRICS Express’ – Pepe Escobar – The Cradle – October 27 2022

Mixed metaphors there may be, but it is all as clear as daylight, isn’t it?

The ‘bricks’ of nations aspiring to be free of the clogging clay of western influence which holds them in place and stifles movement, and the cloying scent of projected freedoms which never materialise (for them), are marshalling their remaining strength and organising their plans and commitments to be part of a much more practical, harmonious, fulfilling and fulfillable project which they can already see is working as stated, and is welcoming and wanting of their participation. And they can see that it is just a part of a much broader confluence of peoples seeking a better world of cooperative endeavour. This is a great time to be alive – and to watch this coming together in the formation of what our world truly has needed for so long.

Let those who will not participate, or who seek to disrupt or hinder, find their own way – if they can (and if there is another way) -in their own time and their own space, watching from a distance.

Troubles enough there will be in the future for those who cooperate to face them together. Troubles too much perhaps for those outside the wall.

I make no mention of polarities …well, actually I just did… but, in cooperative endeavour, those with advantages of size – in any given factor – do not take advantage of that good fortune to the detriment of others, but make use of it for the general good – the very opposite of the system we are leaving behind. It is to be hoped that this is not an illusion.

I now offer two possible endings for this. Take your pick.

First Ending Option:

I do not think it is an illusion. The main reason for that being that the fictitious and flimsy wealth, on which that old system was based, will no longer exist. And what replaces it – a reality based value system – can never become highly accumulated by the self-enriching (profit seeking) actions of privileged minorities. Of course such a system would naturally preclude any form of large scale industrial activity, movement of goods or people, advanced technology (of any kind), banking, or profit based business. Life would be simple. Not relaxed, but simple. No-one would travel far, and everyone would be mostly responsible for their own and well-being and that of their local small sized community. Exchange of goods through bartering would be a common activity between local groups, and the main activity being farming plus essential low-level industry.

Second Ending Option:

I think it cannot be anything other than an illusion, because humanity is incapable of living, for any length of time, in a system as envisaged in the first option where advantage cannot be taken over others – the lazy, the incapable, the sick, the already in a worse position, the lesser educated, the free-living, and any other hangers-on or outcasts of society, by those who could be labelled as the schemers, the bullies, the go-getters, the bitter, the neer-do-wells, the extremists, the narcissistic, the exceptionalists. Leading to a natural progression towards the setting up of a system of profiteering industry based on the effort of oppressed others. This would, in the end, sink the enterprise – just like the old system.

Those endings, I should state, are extreme positions. There may be opportunity, though I am not sure how much potential, for something of a more balanced outcome somewhere between them. Something, I think, more on the lines of what both Russia and China are working towards – with continued technological advancement based on new energy sources- e.g. Russia’s new (not ‘green’ but clean) breeder reactors, enabling continued space exploration and similar advanced industry – other external planetary and star-system factors permitting.

Like I said, I cannot put a number on the probabilities of such a world existing, ten, twenty, fifty or a hundred years from now, but that number must be quite small. These are possibilities I have simply discounted totally for decades. My attitude has softened in recent days with that latest news (previously thought unachievable), though softened not by much.

The world of man has much to suffer yet, but the recent movement towards awakening of the nations has rekindled a little lost hope. If anybody can do it, it would be a Russia-China cooperation backed by a majority of global nations and unhindered by the foul efforts of a misguided west, sinking in its own excrement. The thing I most want to live for now is to see something of the growth of green shoots of that plan emerging from the mire of our early 21st century world.

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