Goodbyeeee Darwin!

The Darwin I am talking about here, is the city of Darwin, principal city of Australia’s Northern Territory, not the overrated scientist and explorer Charles Darwin, whose leaky ‘theory’ on evolution (though retaining some merit) still hangs around as a dubious foundational scientific basis for describing the development of life on Earth.

No, I am talking about the fact that the Australian government, not the current one as far as I know, but the one of the same colour which first gave US the right to install whatsoever military paraphernalia they desired on Australian land. Give those bastards an inch (as used to be said) and they will take (not just a mile, but) it all.

So, without even asking permission (as far as I know), and even if they did it should have been turned down flat, they declare they will base up to six B52 bombers at an extended Aussie air base south of Darwin. So, when this happens, another name, beginning with ‘D’ will be added to both China and Russia lists of targets for nuclear annihilation. What stupid fucker forgot to think of that possibility from the very get go and handed the keys to Australia’s future to the B52 Junkyard Dogs. The only favourable point I can see from all this tomfoolery is that the base extension cannot be made ready to receive these piles of junk (and to store their dirty bombs – has anyone considered that?) until 2026. The favourable point I mentioned, is that there will likely be no B52s (lots of spare parts perhaps but not enough to make one) still capable of operation or in a position to be flown all the way to Australia without falling apart on the way. There is also the greater possibility that there will no longer be a US by then – just a radioactive hole in the ground where it used to be – very similar to the hole that used to be Darwin, only much bigger.

I expect those particular roasts will, for many years, be the talk of the sporadic campfires (the only remaining sources of heat for warmth and cooking) among the mainly first peoples left behind to live life much as they had done for some 60,000 years before white settlement interrupted their paradisical existence. Hopefully, there will not be another Darwin to come along and discover them again some day.

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