Putin, the Modern Revolutionary

I would have preferred to replace the comma in that title with ‘and’, so as not to directly label the great man in such a way (but my blog editor does not facilitate that), although I am confident (while never having met the man) that the description fits him. Who else but he, born to the role and coming along – the role now fitting him like a well-made glove – just in the nick of time, could have steered the world so adeptly in the only direction it needs to go if we are to enjoy any kind of harmonious future as a people or groups of peoples? And that act of steerage, best epitomised (although not the first in what is a growing string of constructive changes) by the fateful and fundamentally necessary initiation, again at exactly the right moment, of a Special Military Operation in Ukraine, can be described in no other way than as a revolutionary act. One which I personally support, in full, and look forward to its successful conclusion as a firm rampart, no matter what that takes, behind which to build the harmonious and cooperative world we so desperately need. While at the same time ‘doing away with’, that is ‘negating’ or rendering impossible of fulfillment, the aptly Escobar named ‘wet dream’ of anarchy and chaos so desired by imperialist hegemonic and psychopathic leaders as being the chief causal factor for their imposition of a self-assumed and globally enforced order of ‘Rules’.

My original choice of a title was something entirely different. It was going to be – ‘Why America Must Die?’, or ‘Must America Die?’, being slightly less provocative. Those questions based on the logic of sentences like this…

“The United States and its allies, in fact, no longer enjoy the status of dominant superpower, but the global infrastructure that serves it is still in place,” – apparently a direct Putin quote from the Valdai speech but I don’t have time to read that again to verify.

“There’s no evidence whatsoever the Empire and its vassals will be deviating from their normative, imposed, value-laden unilateralism.” – Pepe Escobar – Putin: “The situation is, to a certain extent, revolutionary”

‘Putin captured the “revolutionary moment” and dissected it with surgical precision while outlining the tasks ahead, the birth pangs of the future now unfolding in the cold Ukrainian steppes.’ – from a comment on that linked Escobar piece.

I recommend a read of the Pepe Escobar essay linked above and, since I can’t compete with stuff like that, I will end this here with that thought.


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  1. Yes, as you say, “in the nick of time”. And, Xi, who will stay another five years at least, and Kim, and Lula, and the lengthening procession of those returning to power (Kirschner), those in power who are standing up to be counted (AMLO, Modi, Erdogan), those in power who are choosing a new path (MBS), those from countries whose sovereignty has been trampled on and whose resources, stolen (Diaz-Canel, among so many, many others). People of all colors and beliefs; people who want peace and cooperation.

    One can easily envision the phalanx forming alongside and behind Putin and Xi to stand against the Western capitalists, who will be beginning to look a bit tattered after a winter without the heat, choice foods and other creatures comforts they’ve always felt “entitled” to. It is a righteous standoff and strength is growing on the side of Right.

    And, numbers help, but it is not a matter of numbers. Cooperation and compromise would be preferred, but are impossible with psychopaths. Search it: There seems no successful means to confront psychopathy except extermination. Living as I do in the belly of the beast, could I be assured of the former, I would cheerfully submit to the latter.

  2. Thank you Caren. Well said. Let’s hope it never gets that far. I no more want to see America die than you or anyone else. The world needs the American people, though not as conquerors, but friends and equals.

    I, like you, see the growth of a global movement. An awakening to the facts for so long kept hidden. And while the infrastructure which supports the psychopaths of the west may still be in place for now, it is in the process of crumbling around them as a direct result of their own misconceived actions and this new growth of separation from it. That day will come, I am sure, and it may not need to be a complete or Pyrrhic victory so long as there remains a solidarity of peoples standing firmly together against it ever becoming a challenge again, from any direction.

    And, in any case, things are never so clear-cut as to be either black or white in any situation. There will always be men, and women, with dishonourable intentions, but without a vehicle (like profligate wealth and undue influence) to elevate their ideas, their ability to affect the general consensus will be minimal. Shall we ever reach that place? We must, to survive.

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