On Desperation and Dirty Bombs

I know I should say something on this, though I am not entirely sure what that should be.

That desperation hangs in the air across the northern hemisphere of our planet, is indisputable. It is centred mostly within the halls of empire – Washington, London, Brussels, generally across Europe, and particularly within the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the now positively demented mind of one Zelensky character who never in his wildest dreams aforetime thought he would be at the centre of whatever it is that he is the focal point of today. I kind of feel sorry for the man, whose life is no longer his own, or anything he can now control – driven now by forces far greater than he can personally resist – and with an almost inevitable conclusion. I feel no sorrow or compassion for any of the other ‘heads’ who are also wrapped up in the current fiasco which as its aim has the single focus of the destruction of the Russian Federation and the rape of its lands and resources.

The desperation stems from the fact that the empire’s plans have, to this point, been thoroughly thwarted by the obstinance and careful preparation and build-up of Russian forces over many years to be ready and properly and sufficiently equipped for such an event.

US Army personnel from 101st Airborne Division attend a demonstration drill at Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase on July 30, 2022. ©  Daniel MIHAILESCU / AFP

Threats of US/NATO forces hovering just outside Ukraine’s borders in case sufficient provocation permits them to cross those borders, while their unofficial participation as mercenaries to Ukraine has always been totally evident, can be summarily dismissed as being of no consequence. Whether 4,700 or up to the magic number of 300,000 (from where conjured?) troops may become ‘inserted’ into the fray, they (though nominally ‘elite’ in nature) are not a match for what they would be facing. Take a look at the sickly youth depicted in press releases – these Rainbow Warriors would not give much of a fright to even the local rabbit population. And it would be hoped that they would bring upwards of 4,700 body bags with them. They would needed them to gather all the pieces to send back to momma, along with the remains of any NATO air support, which would be easily destroyed by Russian air defences and superb air force units, perhaps even before take-off and certainly long before they became of any danger to Russian ground forces.

That desperation has been evident in the great throwaway of Ukrainian lives in the useless continued assaults against what is now declared to be territory of the Russian Federation in what used to be the east and south of Ukraine. Russia is never going to give that territory away …except temporarily if it is rendered uninhabitable. And this brings us to the distinct possibility of the latest act of desperation by the Zelensky government – the use of a Dirty Nuclear Bomb, possibly on the remaining territory of Ukraine or to destroy the Nova Kakhovka dam holding back the vast waters of the Kakhovka Reservoir across the Dniepr river – which would deny Russia the use of the Kherson region due to flooding for a while (perhaps a week) – and with the pointed hope of casting blame for the event on Russia. That is really demented stuff to be thought worthy of consideration. But, of course, the sort of stuff on which demented and desperate minds are fed.

So, what are we to expect in the coming days? That needs to be viewed against the background of the effect of external forces on this situation.

First there is the November 8 US Mid-term Elections. The stumbling scarecrow Biden, also sometimes delusively referred to as ‘President’, as notional figurehead of the Democrat Party, needs a victory of sorts, although any ‘victory’ he could gain from events in Ukraine is not going to much bolster his party’s disastrous performance in electoral polls of late. I’m sure the American people have already made up their minds on that.

And then there is the looming apparition of a very real and potentially disastrous and deadly winter for both Europe and Ukraine crossing the horizon. Neither of which, due to their own folly, are in any way prepared for and which Russia is actively moving to exacerbate for Ukraine by the destruction of its power generation and supply infrastructure.

So, what do we know so far of the ‘Dirty Bomb’ scenario?

Well, Russia knows where it is being built – the most obvious place of all – above a Uranium mine run by the Eastern Mining and Processing Combine (which is still, as far as I know, a State Enterprise) and the Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research, are already creating a ‘dirty bomb’ aided by Western supervisors. Work on this is said to be in the final stage. The place – Zheltiye Vody (Yellow Waters) in the Dnepropetrovsk region – which is also very close to the new Russian borders and also the Kakhovka Dam.

Sergei Shoigu, Defence Minister of the Russian Federation, yesterday (Sunday, October 23) made it known that this is known to Russia by telephone calls to his counterparts in France, Turkey, the UK and the US. This is obviously something which anyone with half a working brain would want to avoid. Russia has, I expect, made clear what would happen if such a plan would be carried out.

I don’t know that there is very much more that could be said on this at this stage, and even that much has not been widely acknowledged as yet.

As always, this is just another thing for which we must wait and see. Desperate times call for desperate measures, they say. But such desperate action can also lead to disaster of its own making. I am reassured that Russia at least has calm heads and brave hearts in command of its decision making, and is fully prepared for the worst of events. The western authorities, not so much – in any aspect of those potential futures.

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